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hey Guys,


long time away form lexus but might be getting back into one as im not enjoying the current car, i have some questions about the current lexus's


1.  the new update for the car out 2018,2019? i think the last was 2013?

2. is there a new version of the current shape due this year?

3.any word on  apple play? 



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new updated 3IS is out already 2016/17 new shape
same with RC rc has been updated with LSD on 200t as well now

dont think there will be a update on the exterior for any of the IS or RC variants as the last one was only a year ago

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On 2017-4-28 at 5:04 PM, ilv1004s said:

on a is a baby seat is abit tight

i wouldnt even bother with a rc


why not ? 


the rc looks hot

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RC does look hot but I've been in the back and there's really not much room.

You'll be able to fit the child in the back no problems but good luck with the baby seat. ;)

new 2017 IS is out and the new facelight RC should be out as an MY18 model either December this year or early next year.

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On 2017-5-8 at 2:43 PM, Atlantis said:


+'s engine exhaust brakes are awesome

+'s seats are comfy but no cold ventilation

+ back seat room is ok

+ interior is good 


-'s - the car is still an a class it has rattles that drive me crazy 

-'s merc are dicks to be honest, nothing like lexus service

-'s service costs are crazy as well but you get that with a sports car

-'s boot is small


i got a 2015 model with 40000 klms on it which most are high way klms 


to be honest ive got it out of my system again after owning a few quick cars i just want a cruiser hence why im looking at the RC

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