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Fitting Novel Accessories


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So I've ordered some carbon fibre novel goodies (fender ducts and mirror extenders) with my late tax cheque and wanted to ask those that have had them before, how you went about installing?

The 3M tape included is all good and it will hold, but how do you stop those people with 'sticky fingers' when parking it in the city over night on the streets etc?

I was thinking some sikaflex - is that overkill? Will the 3m industry strength tape do?
Thanks in advance

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Just use the 3m tape it is super strong if some low life wants something they will take it even bolted down have a look at ATMs that go missing or blown up. I know Novel stuff is nice but the price is ridiculous, I would love there full exhaust post some pics when done cheers.

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Yeah the ducts came today and looking at the mounting points I think 3m is the way to go. Where's best place to get it Danny? 

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