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RR-Racing Brake Upgrade


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Hi All,

I thought I would post into the ISF page as the RC page is fairly quite (dead!).

I have just completed my RCF brake upgrade last week. I thought I would let you guys know as some may be interested when time comes for the ISF's.

I decided to replace with RR-Racing Competition 2 Piece Slotted Rotors front and rear, with Endless MX72 pads front and rear.

They went onto the car without any issues and fitted perfectly. 

A big thanks to Lexus of Chatswood for checking my work after I had completed. These guys do really look after me very well.

I think the brakes look great and they are noise free. I have now completed about 1000km so far and they are still quite. I have not stomped on them yet!

A big test will be a track day in July so hopefully they perform as good as they look.

I have included 2 quick photos of before and after.

My modifications to date are now:

1. RR-Racing Air/Oil Separator
2. RR-Racing USRS
3. RR-Racing Competition 2 Piece Slotted Rotors
4. NGK One Step Colder Spark Plugs - to be fitted




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Thanks. I personally think I have enough power. (Most may not agree though!) I still have a healthy respect for the car on the track. 

It was fun to actually get to work on a car again. It had been a while.

Now have to look at suspension next and then exhaust!

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That’s great news, the 2 piece rotors look nice.    I agree Lexus of Chatswood service do a great job looking after the vehicle.

It will be a good test for you & your RCF at the track day in July.   I will be attending a LOC track day at SMSP in July, maybe see you there.  I just picked up a GoPro 5 for the day.

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Thanks, Look forward to seeing you at the Track day. I have stainless steel lines coming this week I hope. I was told our lines from factory are very good, but I am just having fun replacing parts!! I also just picked up a 360 Fly for some fun footage. Will be testing it in the next few days. I am attending Lexus Track day Thursday this week so will get to test all F cars and new LC.

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Stainless steel brake lines, it’s good to see you are getting into your RCF, they are a nice vehicle.   I just had a quick look at the 360 Fly, it looks good.  you should get some great footage.  Sadly my Lexus track day is not for another 2 weeks, it looks like a sunny day tomorrow, have fun.

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I will update you all after 19th. I have also sourced Castrol SRF brake fluid, so will flush the lines next week.

The MX72 pads seems ok at this time. I only drive normal! around the streets so have not had to test them yet.

No noise yet and very solid pedal feel.

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EXPENSIVE!! All up brakes were approx $5,200 fitted (well I fitted anyway). 

Brakes: US$3,000  (that included colder spark plugs about US$80)

Customs: $567.61

Freight: US$310 

They should last a lot longer than OEM. Well i hope so. Don't want to do this ever 2 years!

So far worth it though. Just for looks :)

Note: Only my front discs were gone. Rears were hardly worn.

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Yeah I was assuming it would be. I'm currently using the dba t3 with pmu hc800 pads. After I purchased these they said they'd be able to do them in a 2 piece configuration so I'll probly give them a whirl next.

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That would be good. I used DBA T2 (Remsa pads) on my IS250 and they lasted very well. As more options become available the pricing will get better.

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