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IS F "sticky" interior and dash mats


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Hello everyone,

Bit of a lurker here. Been looking at an IS F for a very long time. I've done quite a bit of reading but there are a few things that have got me stumped. I've searched this forum and the web, but have not been able to come up with a clear answer. I hope you don't mind if I'm repeating something already posted. If I am, I'm sorry, it did not come up in my search.

First off, I'm aware of the "sticky" dash and interior issues that have affected IS models. What I can't work out if there is a cut-off date or VIN for affected cars. I'm aware of the US recall program, but it seems people outside the year range in the recall are having the "sticky" problems. No F in the recall. I can't find a whole lot of evidence of proper F models being affected. One on Whirlpool, and not directly, but that hardly is evidence of a problem. Maybe down to lack of IS numbers in Oz?

Second, I've read that it was an "incorrect polymer" used in the dash that leads to the problem. What I want to know is, are there certain environmental conditions that cause or accelerate the problem? Or is it just time? Seems like hot/humid is the worst climate for the interior. I'm in Perth, so humidity is not too often an issue.

Third and finally, where can I get a dash mat for an F? Is the dash the same design as the 250/350? If I had to guess, I'd say it would have to be, but I've seen stranger things. I've never been able to find one that specifically says it will fit the F. Even RHD IS mats seem to be a rare thing.


Many thanks if you have any insight.

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That's good news^^^^ also I think there isn't a dash mat made for right hand drive ISF I searched 12 months ago,found left hand but no right,if you find one let the forum know cheers.

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Thanks gents.

Even if ilv1004s' comment holds true only to this forum, that's a decent sign. And I'll certainly give everyone a heads up if I find some RHD dash mats. MIght have to turn my eyes to Japan.


Cheers again.

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on the 2IS models 06-08 have had melting dash issues but the 09+ 2IS's have had some sort of change and i havent seen any so far

all of the dash i have changed on the 2IS is 06-08 have not yet to place a 09+ 2IS or ISF at this point of time

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ilv1004s, thanks mate, didn't know you worked on them.

Happy to say I've put down a deposit on an MY12 F. It's a bit cozy inside but jesus, it is equally as happy to cruise at 60km/h or just unleash. Quite an incredible little sedan.

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