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OEM muffler tip fell out


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Hi guys,

Can anyone give me a rough price on having my muffler tip re fitted/welded back on. It's the lower rear driver's side. 

The fortunate situation was it came off while i was washing the car..!! and appears like a *BLEEP*ty OEM weld

Big job? does it require taking the rear bar off? or can any muffler shop re weld back on without removing the rear bar? 

Rough cost would be great also if anyone had this done 

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Should be able to tack it back in easy enough. Hit up Dan at fab lab on Facebook. He's at browns plains, tell him Pete with the isf put you into him and he'll look after you

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Yeah they are crappy welds in 4 spots per tip from memory.  Mine also fell off over a year ago whilst washing the car so fortunately i didnt run over it like ive read others have.

Anyways i did a dodgy silicone fix, held on with zippy ties until it bit.  Been meaning to get to an exhaust shop to reweld but its been over a year and its solid as can be, no movement at all.

Was thinking of purchasing some extras as backup in case i did lose one in transit at one point.  Something like this http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/2006-2011-Chrome-IS-F-Style-Replacement-Customer-Muffer-Tips-Pair-For-Lexus-ISF-/152232848229?hash=item2371c8eb65:g:8G4AAOSwdIFXz82V.

Even had the car professionally detailed and i know the detailer would of applied some pressure as the exhuast tips came back shiny and all 4 including the silicone attached one is still on firm.

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5 minutes ago, my_toy said:

does it require removal of rear bar?


From memory it doesnt as each stacked pair is bolted via its surround.  Im sure someone else may be able to confirm for sure

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2 minutes ago, my_toy said:

i may as well get all 4s welded for extra security

otherwise the car ran flawlessly and plenty of compliments with fellow commuters

Yeah its one of those things.  Some have had no issue at all, others like us have.  I know many in the US have had the same issue (based on US forum member responses) so many of them do away with them and just get aftermarket mufflers that come with their own stacked tips or those blue burnt tips etc.  

I elected to retain my OEM tips as i want the factory look and didnt want any further unnecessary attention (especially as i have an aftermarket exhaust)

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