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USA fob key


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11 hours ago, bazzle said:

If there any benefit?

Also I saw a credit card one advertised on US Ebay!

Yes it all worked out the key program straight away and the guys at sci fleet Toyota did it for nothing also .Lexus was going to charged $90 to do it

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15 hours ago, bazzle said:

I guess I didnt ask the right question :wacko:

Is it the credit card type?

If not and its the same fob as the Aussie one what is different?

Sorry mate .No its the std fob not the credit card one . All the numbers on the US one was the same .and it program in straight away .I'm not sure if all of the US ones will work but this one did

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4 hours ago, Sparky said:

Yeah the credit card and FOB key both work on our cars from the US and Japan etc. I got lexus to program mine (credit card) and they did it for free.

Have you got the numbers on the credit card and the part number of the card please  as I might get one soon .Thanks

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Didn't go ahead. Sorry. Couldn't justify the cost for a card.

 I did find a post on an US Lexus forum re an Ozzie who got one and it worked.

Something re ensuring the frequency was correct. Had a look for the post but its alluding me atm.



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