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where to buy Denso SK20 spark plugs in Australia ?

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HI Guys,

I have read that for Lexus IS200 the only right spark plugs are Denso iridium SK20R11 which are long life ( only need changing every 60k)

does anyone know where I can buy these in Australia, searching online I could only find the SK20R on eBay from USA and Europe!!!, couldn't find any SK20 in Australia, the local stock in Australia is only the IK20 which are performance but needs changing every 30k instead of the SK20 which are long life at 60k, and are only available at two websites supercheap auto at 20 $ each and another website called brettstruck where you get them almost at 10 $ when you buy 5+ ( why the huge price difference anybody knows? )

Would appreciate if anyone can guide me on where to find them  , I have read a lot of posts on this forum and a lot of you posted that you have  changed your spark plugs with denso iridium,  so I would be grateful if you can advice me of where you got your Denso SK20 spark plugs, as they seem to be available everywhere in the UK and USA but not in Oz :wallbash:



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On 10/26/2017 at 9:04 AM, 2bling said:

Just be aware of all the fake ones, oem,ngk denso a lot made in china. I ended up getting mine from a Lexus dealer in the usa, if they are cheap there probably fake.

I bought what seemed genuine Denso plugs nearly 2 yrs ago. It seemed my fuel economy dropped off but I put it down to my imagination and various driving regimes.

Today I pulled out a plug to find nearly all the 'iridium' tip (earth side) had gone. The gap was over 2.0 mm... I swapped for a spare new plug and checked the rest - nearly all the same!

All I could do is close the gaps to ~1.1 mm and reinstall them. Seems to be running OK but will have to find genuine...

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On 4/20/2019 at 8:57 AM, 2bling said:

That happens to fake ones all the time and sometimes the real ones, did you have the fake plugs study them against the real ones when you get them cheers.

I had to reduce the gap of the 'genuine' (eBay) plugs and was a bit surprised they were out of tolerance. Otherwise, they looked OK, but appearances obviously ain't everything...

Pretty annoyed at the waste of money, time and loss of fuel economy / possible damage of large plug gaps (first pic, close to 2 mm gap).

I have a new set of NGK DFH6B-11A from Supercheap. The gaps are all perfect out-of-the-box (second pic).



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