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Received and fitted this 2 days ago. Description says IS250 but fitted my IS350 12/2011 ok. Cant see why it wouldn't fit the ISF as well.

Was hard getting the little Velcro pads to stick to hot dash but an isopropal wipe helped. Also you push the front of the mat down to bottom of glass and it is held there as well between dash and glass.

Purchased as I was getting a real lot of radiated heat from the top of dash.

On Wednesday when it was hot (sun-shining also directly on dash) there was a noticeable reduction in radiated heat.

Well worth the $25 :xmas:


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It just sits over it. The velcro tabs wouldn't do anything. The mat is also soft not heat formed.

I also doubt it would affect the operation of the bag as the force they go off with would force it thru the windscreen...

In the pics I haven't pressed it down onto the tabs yet. Looks better in the flesh.



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Thanks for that. I was just wondering how far down it went, because in some of the sample photos on eBay (clearly of another vehicle type) it went a lot further down and I wasn't too big of a fan of the design. This isn't too bad though.

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Australian Design Rules

Dash Mats must have cutout areas for airbags.

Non compliant dash mats inhibit/reduce/deflect effectiveness of airbag. Compliant dash mats have either a cutout or a flap designed for the car and location of airbag. In an accident the passenger, and maybe driver, could get slapped in the face with a big bit of flying dash mat blown out by the airbag........ :)

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