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Hi all new to the group, new to lexus IS ownership :) So Ive had my is250 for a very short while now and want to waste no time making it sound a little better,  however besides invidias on ebay im having trouble finding exhausts and all parts for that matter that dont have ridiculous shipping costs to australia. Now i know exhuasts from america will cost a fortune regardless but Im wondering if anyone has any links or go to websites for exhuasts preferably tanabe or greddy. Better still is anyone in melbourne looking to sell an exhuast? Thanks guys all help is appreciated.

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On 12/4/2017 at 10:52 AM, bazzle said:

ACE exhaust in Heatherdale rd Ringwood make up complete systems.

They do a rear muffler and tip replacement.

Will get them to do that to mine in the new year.



Is there a particular brand to ask for at ACE to do this change over? 

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Thanks for the tip, I spoke to Ross at ACE. He suggested

1 remove resonators $120 or 

2 cut off old mufflers and fit straight through mufflers with new tips $500

Would it be better to get new pipes as well not just cut off mufflers?

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In my opinion I cant see the need to replace the rest, its just adds cost unless  you have no option there. If so a member above on here is selling a complete system..

You wont get any power benefits just a different sound either way.


Edit: go the rear muffler change.

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I'm currently running customer mufflers with a resonator delete and I think it sounds great. $120 is quite steep for a resonator removal though, you should be able to get it done for around $80. Resonator delete alone will barely do anything, I'd recommend custom mufflers, and if you want the extra sound, remove the resonator too. 

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