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I've observed that even on a full tank, the fuel range estimate that is provided by the on-board CPU always estimates below 500km. For example, last week on a full tank, the fuel estimate was at 480km. When the range falls below 400km, it climbs back upto 400+. Seems like the on-board CPU never provides an estimate greater than 500km and makes up for it by bumping up the estimate back above 400km when the range falls below 400km.

Anybody else have had a similar problem?


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Range is based on the average lifetime fuel usage figures.

If you've hammered the car and you're averages are high, your projected range will be low.

My lifetime figure is around 9L/100 and I get estimates of around 630km/tank.

You can reset the lifetime figure if you go to that screen on the dash and hold Mode I think. Or disconnect the battery, but that will wipe a couple of other things too.

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Thanks, Atlantis. I was curious because I was comparing a full tank fuel estimate between my mate's 2010 IS250C and my 2010 IS250. Mate gets over 600km whereas mine never gets over 500km. Both of us do urban driving.

I tried resetting it by holding the DISP button on the steering wheel but that doesn't seem to reset the fuel estimate. It resets the L/km estimate. I tried holding MODE but that only seems to control the audio input mode (AUX/FM/CD).


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On 2/21/2018 at 4:02 PM, Atlantis said:

Yeah, sorry I meant Disp and not Mode, and you can only reset the L/km, but it should affect the distance on your next refill of the tank.

Let us know how you go.

Hey Atlantis, this worked! Here's what I did;

1. Reset the existing values by holding down DISP.

2. I got the fuel consumption to around 10.5L/km (suburban driving)

3. Filled-up today and got an estimated range of ~560km.



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