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My headlight ballasts have thrown in the towel, this has gotten a little worse over the past few months to a point of where I drive along at night and after about 15 -20mins they both flicker and go out all together only leaving high beams and fogs working, they then remain very spasmodic.

so my options are......

  • To buy very expensive genuine new headlight housings .
  • To buy 2nd hand from a wrecker which still might do the same thing.
  • To buy new ballasts, remove the bumper and headlight housings and carefully install new ballasts as this youtube vid shows and has anyone on here done this refit??
  • To get the headlights upgraded to LED etc..


Also what newer model headlights will fit the 2007 easily and without any complications, I ask this because my old perspex housing lens have gone a little greenish and look aged so I am open to all ideas at the point,

Any thoughts and info would be great,

Cheers Grant




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Im sure I read a post on the US Forum where they fitted after market lights. Might be worth a search.

Dont know re cut off from left to right hand drive though.




or here


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Gidday fellas,

So a read a lot, looked at Youtube videos that were available, spoke to a few knowledgeable people and also my trusty local mechanic. (good mate)

Lexus wanted $1600.00 plus GST per housing, which I was serious thinking about doing.

Lexus wreckers wanted $440.00 per housing for 2006 - 2007 housings, didn't give this a second thought as I would only end up with old housings again.

After all my reading online both here and OS on forums etc, one person said to replace with new Lexus original globes and this will fix the problem.

So I brought 2 x new HID globes for $350.00 each from Lexus and fitted them up.

Fixed the problem straight away. They are perfect and super bright. I ran the car for 1 hour, not a flicker or fault for either side. 

So there you go, Lexus housings do not like Phillips low beam globes, I don't care what you think as I put up with this inferior standard lighting for two years and paid $100 dollars for *BLEEP* Phillips after market globes thinking it would help, but no it didn't, so its original all the way for me from now on with anything to do with lighting on this car.

The Phillips globes would work for 15 minutes, then flicked off and on, would go out completely on either side at random intervals.

Even my local mechanic was a little amazed, yes the cost is hard to justify but it fixed the problem and a lot cheaper than the cost of 2 x new housing..

It is not a ballast issue, ballasts never fail in Oz as our climate is to mild, so consider your globes, and consider Lexus genuine parts on the issue, oh please don't get me wrong, I love a bargain and always go for aftermarket parts, but this is a lesson learnt :)

Cheers Grant 




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