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RX450H engine running while coasting downhill


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Hi all

I picked up a (used) 2013 RX450H a few months ago and I'm really loving the smoothness of the vehicle so far.  However, I've noticed that when coasting downhill, and when the brakes are not applied, the engine doesn't switch off - the fuel consumption figures are about 3-4L/100km when coasting, and when I come to a complete stop at the bottom of the hill, the readout is infinityL/100km as the engine is running.  This is also when I can actually feel the engine running as the car is now stationary.  The engine then switches off after a few seconds.  Is this normal?  Not sure if I've only just noticed now or if this is a new development indicating an issue.  Thoughts / comments much appreciated!

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with the hybrids there are many various factors that can cause that

when the battery is low (hybrid battery cell) the engine will turn on to charge to its minimum point

also having the air con on at the lowest setting can cause the engine to run when stationary due the high amount of battery used

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