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hello peeps

new to the forums but not new to Lexus at all.

Decided on buying a 2013 Lexus ISF

Loving the V8. Now just for a zorst haha

my first mod, CF rear boot spoiler




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Congrats on the new car - looks great in white. Out of interest, where did you get the carbon boot spoiler as i have been watching several on ebay and wondering what the quality was like. I did buy a roof spoiler in carbon a few months ago from USA and it looks nice - time will tell how it will hold up in terms of fading etc though.

I have read that removing the stock rear spoiler and all the double sided tape is a bit of a pain.

There is someone selling a near-new JoeZ exhaust in the classifieds section which is priced well in my opinion. 

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after market, so heaps of double sided tape hahah

wasnt easy taking off the stock one

undo 2 bolts and use fishing line to go between the boot and the spoiler

mark the original spots with tape so you dont forget where it goes

with a bit of brute force you lift the spoiler up and the double sided tape starts lifting.

car is garaged so it should last and not fade i hope

also bought a toms rear diffuser so waiting for that to arrive before putting it on

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Wow, team evade! That's going back 18 yrs lol

But yes that's me and ozhonda.

Still got the dc2 as well. But that's now running a boosted k20z1. Will prob munch my ISF.


Do I know you ilv2004s?

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yeah danny with the yellow EG back in the days and then white 32 gtr


[[d a n n y]]

good to see you on board here man


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ahhhhh yes good old times

i think i rem the cars more then faces lol

good to be here man.

I think i need to hit you up with some HID lighting. I want some sharp LED lighting like my RX thats for sure.

I thought i was a lexus nut but you take the cake hehe I had a 2015 Lexus NX300h but sold that now but also have a 2016 RX450h. That just feels 10 times better than the NX. I really want to try  an AMG but cant handle the maintenance and reliablility of a euro so ISF was it lol

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