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Hi guys,

Just got a new car and the rear bumper has been repainted, unfortunately it has a different shade and it drives me insane.

Does anyone know a very goog body &paint shop to repaint and to match the colour perfectly?


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How old is the new car.

Sometimes a new part is repainted to the car colour code. After a few years in the sun and atmosphere the car colour can change.

When a new part is painted it then needs to be colour matched not colour coded. That is a lot harder to do.

Also if its slightly metalised  or has some sort of flake in it the direction its painted can make it look a different colour.

Not an easy process.

Even new cars with plastic bumpers, flares, etc etc can have a "viewing" missmatch nowdays.

Good luck with the search  😏

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Thanks for the feedback guys.

I’m from Sydney, please see the attached photo, the colour is Lava Mica Orange.

I’m curious, can this mismatch be from factory?


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Im confused - you said it was your rear bumper which has been repainted but you show a photo of the front bumper?

My brother works at the Lexus Newcastle dealership and they send cars to 2x different panel shops depending on the work required. The easy stuff goes to one place, and all the difficult colours and repairs go to another. I will send you a PM with the name of the place - i have seen their work first hand and its amazing (im an ex car detailer and have a very good eye for detail). I am having my own car repaired there soon (scratch on tailgate).

If you are willing to drive your car to Newcastle and leave it with this repairer i would certainly recommend them. Otherwise, im sure you can find similar good repairers in Sydney.

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Long shot but if the respary is part of an insurance job, perhaps the repair has lifetime guarantee?  Then again, if they can't get it right the first time, not sure if subsequent attempts will be any better.

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This is how I bought the car and negotiated the respraying of the bumper from the total price. 

I did some research and found Atlas Motors Body Works having good reviews , did anyone deal with them before?

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