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morning all 

just wondering what peoples thoughts are on the different brands of tyres for standard 2014 IS300h Fsport rims. I currently have Bridgestone Potenza's on the car but not entirely happy with them, interested to hear your experience with other brands

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What do you not like about the Potenzas? Are they noisey, wearing out too quickly, dont like the way they look, too expensive to replace etc etc?

Whats your budget? What size tyres does your car use?

This might help you pick a new set, although these are mostly high performance tyres which aren't necessary on your car: https://www.msn.com/en-au/motoring/research/motor-tyre-test-2019-finding-australias-best-performance-tyre/ar-AADmUvi?ocid=spartandhp

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I recently purchased Falken Azenis FK510's which are a good chunk cheaper than the Michelin PS4S and perform 90% as well. The Falken's have performed well in multiple tyre tests both locally and overseas.

See some info and feedback here:



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