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  1. In regards to the audio, only thing I can think off is that the bump has caused a loose connection to the battery, amp or fuses.
  2. Where you guys source RCF/GSF bushings from? May I know the part numbers? I have an inner tyre wear issue on my 3IS 😕
  3. Probably should just continue with your original post. ilv1004s gave their thoughts on this in that post.
  4. I assume the rear brakes were checked also?
  5. As the others have said, most likely the cabin filter. Got mine replaced and it fixed the problem. Dealer charged me and a leg from memory =( Try to source the part number and part and do it yourself if you can. From a quick look previously, didn't look too hard to take out to clean/replace.
  6. From a quick look on Brakes Direct, all recommended brake pads seems to match the bottom pad with a generic part # DB1852. As bling says, have a look at the old ones and try to match it.
  7. I don't believe there is a dedicated display reporting back the pressure of each tyre if that is what you are asking. The best we've got is a tyre pressure warning light unless someone knows otherwise =P
  8. Likewise. I followed sheep and use Michelin PS4's also. Shop around as I found 15% price difference.
  9. If anyone is interested and for future reference, Lexus was actually happy to machine/turn the rotors if required. Deciding factor is the remaining thickness of the rotors. Was advised that the front rotors limit for this car is 27mm.
  10. What pads are you guys using these days for a 3IS 350 F sport? Seems like all local mechanics offer Bendix pads. What are your guys thoughts of machining rotors? TIA 😃
  11. That is very very disappointing!!! I'd be frustrated, disappointed, angry, all of the above!!! 😤
  12. Lexus of Perth informed me they use Mobil Synthetic 5W-30. Interesting to see that different oils are used in different states. At higher km's (not sure how high) I hear that thicker oils used than what is specified for a new/low km's car. Maybe someone can elaborate on this.
  13. Felt quite weird first time sitting in a hybrid and starting the car. So quiet! The EV signal indicates the car has started and so you just throttle on without the engine on. The regenerative braking sounded cool but probably wears off after awhile =) There's a post on real 300h fuel consumption - they seem to be getting between 5-7L per 100km. Unsure what the 200t drivers are averaging. For the 350, best I can get so far is 11.6L per 100km.
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