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Hey everyone,


I have recently purchased a first LS400 after looking at cars for quite some time. The car was bought while I was overseas by a friend of mine, and upon coming back to Australia we noticed there were a couple of things wrong with the car. Some that we knew of such as interior parts being worn, and some that were unknown to us, such as the ECU having problems with one of the tracks

We have the following issues with our LS, any advice on how to tackle these would be greatly appreciated.



1. The steering wheel and gear shifter both have excessively worn leather (pic). What's the best way to tackle this? We've been trying to find a replacement shifter knob but we ran into issues with the overdrive button. Are there any places that sell knobs for a '92 LS400, and is it possible to put an US (or any LHD) stock shifter on it, or are the RHD shifters different?

2. The lighter/12V port seems to be missing (pic included). Is it possible to swap the entire unit out with a new one or would it be better to just install a new port?

3. There's a spot of rust (see pic) on the top part of the passenger side door, what's the best way to tackle this?

4. The glovebox is missing the backing part so that the ECU is easily accessible, where can we find a part like that? Tried ebay and generally looking around but it mostly seems to just be the door part.

Lastly, are there any other areas of the car that are fault prone?

Sorry if these are super entry-level questions but I'd rather ask and learn than stay ignorant, so any help is greatly appreciated.




LS400 door panel.png

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as for the damaged shifter t-bar and wheel .. is a guy in south Australia re does the wheels. but maybe any good motor trimmer could do them. can get heaps shifter knobs. but the wood grain may not match cars interior 


as for rust.. least for now .. put some acid on it to eat the rust/convert it. 


then later cut it out with dremal . .tack weld new bit of metal. grind flat. spray. 



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