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Can't decide between an RCF or ISF


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Hi all, I am thinking of upgrading my RC300 2019 to an F model. But finding it hard to decide between keeping my RC and getting a second hand ISF or trading in my RC with a 2015-2018 RCF. Any advice from RCF/ISF owner would be greatly appreciated.

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Sorry for the lag on a reply. As you would of noticed Oz Lexus Forums aren't very activity at all. I would suggest using Club Lexus.com or Lexus Owners UK both sites are used daily and often get a quick reply.

RC F and ISF offer different things, the ISF feels more raw and apparently drivers feel more connected with the car. Of course it was more practical advantageous being 4 doors.

The RC F Oz models all come with TVD which can make a ordinary driver look pretty damn good, if you are a seasoned driver you would argue you would prefer the ISF as it have less curb weight and feels less heft when smashing it around a track. The PRO of the RC F is the interior is updated and doesn't feel like you are back in the mid 2000's plus you are going to get more value for money on the RC F as ISF being discontinued and are mostly in the hands of enthusiast, the car has a big "Bro Tax" on a car in good condition.

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It's personal preference. I was in the same position when I was looking to buy the F car. Decided to go with the ISF as it has 4 doors and would be more practical for the family. I think the ISF still looks good. You can update the tail lights and a few small visual things to make it look more modern. 

If you're after updated modern interior and modern features get the RCF. 

Both cars are pretty rare and I think you'll love either one. 



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sorry for the late reply.

Honestly there are no bad options here, both scenarios are great.

It just comes down to what you want from a driving preference. Your current RC (assuming it's the facelift) is a smooth, comfortable GT cruiser which has its own luxury and unique driving experience. If you buy and ISF, this is a different beast all together and would provide you a separate excellent option with rear doors for spirited driving, track days etc... benefit of this scenario is you would have cars for all occasions, assuming you wanted the best of both worlds in owning two unique cars.  

I honestly see the pre-facelift (2014+) RCF and the current new (2019) RC300/350 as almost two seperate cars, that both exterior and interior, offer their owners a very different driving and comfort experiences.

So I honestly think my best advice here is to a) Really nail or outline what you want for your coupe driving and maybe b) test drives of the RCF/ISF to decide does it tick all your boxes and do you think its even worth having two cars or perhaps its better to simplify and trading your current RC for an RCF. 

I think the RCF is a great buy but its a different beast to the non F models (300,350). It could also come down to if you want to seperate your daily comfortable, lux coupe smooth driving experience from your F-oriented spirited driving, preferences or ambitions/mods. as then having two cars can offer the best of both worlds, esp. if the RC is your daily driver, you share with other drivers or for whatever reason you would ideally prefer not to use an F car for all duties ( of course many here do daily drive F cars).

Be great to hear you experiences on the above, have you driven an ISF/RCF and what are you current thoughts on them compared to your current RC300?

As mentioned in the post above -you'll enjoy either route you take and, unless you are wedded to keeping a coupe, you maybe could explore the GSF as another option?

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