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Help! Slipping Transmission after Fluid Change

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Hi guys, last week I went to my local mechanic and had my 2011 IS350 F-Sport serviced. A lot of you here recommended changing transmission oil so I bite the bullet and had it done. I asked the guy to do the drain and fill plus filter change. On my way home I didn't notice anything but the next morning when I was reversing out of my parking spot (mildly sloped) I was having a hard time. The car felt powerless and I heard scratchy sound that felt like the transmission is slipping. I looked it up on google and thought it might caused by low transmission fluid level as this only happens when car is cold. I'm planning to contact my mechanic and ask for his opinion however I don't know what he would say. Can I ask him to top up the fluid? But if he got it wrong the first time how can I make sure he put the correct amount of fluid in this time? Please share your thoughts, many thanks!

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On 8/14/2020 at 8:53 AM, 2bling said:

Its low take it to a auto gearbox shop, what sort of oil did you use...

Thanks mate for taking time to reply. I took it to the shop and the mechanic topped the transmission fluid up now the problem is gone. As for the type of oil he said Toyota one. The difference is not significant but definitely there. I’m planning to do a couple more transmission oil change with the next services to gradually replace the old oil.

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