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hi Everyone,

ive searched and searched regarding headunit change on my is 350 F sport with nav. no problems in one without nav but with nav i can’t find a anything.

Now there’s nothing wrong with my unit i just hate the display and not have carplay 

any help would be greatly appreciated 

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I have tried GROM in my 2012 IS350 and ended up returning it as it was very unstable. 

GROM seems to focus their development and testing on older 2IS cars. 


Now there is a new head unit for our cars that looks quite promising: T'Eyes CC3.


They have 3 alternatives:

+ Option A for most recent 2IS, Option B for older 2IS; these look OEM!

+ and another version for cars with no OEM navigation.

I am most interested in Option A which is the one I would need for my car. Has anyone installed this?

There is a forum in the UK with interesting information; ignore the XTRONS posts:


According to that forum the temperature buttons come hardwired for LHD cars (which will annoy me!) but a guy has found a way to swap it (no details).

Has anyone had any experience with this or attempted swapping the buttons around?


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Looks interesting. Never seen this one before. Pity about the left bank of buttons loosing their function, prob not too big a deal. 

Wish I has a spare $580 lying around or I would get one 😞

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It is actually the physical buttons on the tablet that get hidden behind the frame what they refer to.

The only thing I don't like is the temperature buttons the other way around (driver and passenger).

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