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IS250 faulty amp - are there repairers people have used?

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I'm a new poster on the forum, but have been reading through all of the great information for the last year. Thanks for posting!

I bought my 2007 IS250 just over a year ago (162k) on the clock and have run into the faulty amplifier problem earlier this year. I think I may have inadvertently damaged the head unit aswell. Are there any amp repairers people have used?

All sound stopped working just before I took it for its 175k service at Lexus Sutherland. They quoted me $1,000 to have it fixed by Pioneer.

I would hear the click click noise from the front left speakers and it would intermittently work (generally after the car was not used for a week or so, and then once the car was turned off it again it wouldn't work for another week or so).

I took it out to seal the pressure vent on that side and when I plugged it back in I went for a drive. The radio was working and I noticed a weird smell in the cabin (I had been to Bunnings so thought it was to do with the soil). There was then a high pitched noise from the speakers and the radio wouldn't turn off. I unplugged the amp and the noise and smell stopped. I think it might have been something in the head unit burning.

I've ordered a secondhand amp from the UK for ¬$220, which will hopefully work and will allow me to test to see if the burning smell comes back.

It would be great to find a mechanic who is experienced with the faulty amps who might be able to fix the existing amp and see if there is a new fault with the head unit.



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Hi there, 

I am in Perth, got a Mark Levinson amp for my RX450H (rattling once engine is on) fixed by a freelance technician for $300, a 2 over hours job. 

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Yep the one I ordered from the UK arrived this week, fitted it yesterday, and it seems to work fine, which is great.

I had contacted Pioneer Australia and they said that they'll do an assessment for $70 of the amp (including return postage) and tell you how much it will cost to repair.

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My 2006 has the Levinson system but also had a faulty amp. I bought a second hand one from a wrecker on ebay for$300. Works perfectly. probably cost all of that to have one repaired.

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