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Hello all. I have a ding on the boot of my 2007 is250. Easiest solution is to get a good second hand one. But I have to disconnect the wiring coming into the boot lid via the left hand boot hinge and it appears there isn't anywhere visible where to disconnect the wiring. Ive removed the boot lid cover so this is how I know. So im guessing its somewhere hidden behind the cover under which is covering the rear shelf. Can anyone shed any light before I attack the remains cover? Id rather find the connectors than start cutting and splicing. Thank you very much!

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After looking at the wiring again under the boot lid cover, I realise I don't need to do what I thought. I can just disconnect the wiring of various items like tail light etc, camera, rego plates light and all that, at their source. should have thought that before. Anyhow thanks anyway and have a good afternoon/night

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So all went smoothly with the replacement boot lid, if anyone needs to do it the one thing you have to swap over apart from the wiring is the latch and key assembly, simple job with four nuts to remove the two assemblies, otherwise you wont be able to open the boot if the electrics or battery fails. 

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