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A Brand New Is200

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nice, if you need any ideas let me know...I will get some Lexus Caliper Stickers done as we have demand now...

Matt :D

I will have 2 sets of caliper stickers now since me GF signed an IS today, I might as well do hers up at the same time


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OK People on list for Lexus Caliper Stickers...

Me - 1 Set

SSML - 2 Sets

Naroka - 5 Sets

AltezzaNZ - 1 Set

We got 9 sets for now...is anyone else keen? they will cost more compare to the Altezza because we are going to have the rear L made too...

Matt :D

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Hi Guys:

It's been ~ 10days since me girlfriend picked up her IS.

Done about 800km so far. Still in run-in period, so she is very gentle with the gas paddle.

I have driven a few times, handling feels much softer than mine.

Engine is quieter too(4AT vs 6MT).

I took lots of pics of 2 IS this avo, I will up-load some in the gallery.


Please also check my "yahoo photos" for updated pictures.



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Nice Couple...lol heard you got an ES300 as well? so 3 Lexus for all 3 garages???

Matt =)

Yes Matt:

We have a red ES300 at home.

That's my parents' car.

the car is nearly 10 years , still going well!


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Thanks Guys for your comments!!

To Tezz: I m in Brisbane AUS.

To Frylai: The plates I got are personalised plates (Retro style) there are many different colour combo/ letter combo / even American, German Size plates available in QLD. u can visit www.ppq.com.au . There are many different plates in other states of AUS.

My GF also noticed a small difference between our cars.

The windscreen washer jets only have one hole per jet for 2004 IS,

whereas mine (2002) has 3 holes per jet.

I noticed the shape of the washer jet housing is slight different between 2 cars.

Anyone with 2004 model noticed this differnce?


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Hi all:

Just updating the news on my GF's IS.

It's done about 2500km now, I am about to change oil for her soon.

The bonnet got a big stone chip :( ,it's been touched up by service department, but it's no where near perfect. :angry:

The windscreen washer jets I mentioned in the last post; 04 model has one hole/slit, but it actually has a fan shape misty spray, rather than 3 seperate strems of water from 3 holes. The 04 style jet distribute water much better than previous style. :D


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