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Apr Carbon Fibre Sports Mirror


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Hey guys...

In a few days I will have this used Carbon Fibre sports mirror, I m not a carbon fibre freak and I do not have much Carbon Fibre Stuff on my car so I m going to let it go for some of you that will love it! The Retail for these are $325.00 USD new + Shipping = $540.00 NZD...I will let it go for around 1/2 the price...they are basically new since my friend had just bought it for less than a month but he is now selling his car...here are pics...if anyone are keen please let me know, they fit all Altezza / IS200 or 300...but it will be manual adjustment or auto.

Pic 1

Pic 2

Pic 3

Thats it for now!

Matt =)

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voiceinsideyou I gather that was not meant to be a direct remark toward me was it!!

You just cant RESIST, hmmm well I let you off with a warning this time mate but next time the 'copyright' of mine will come into effect.

Jokes, but i would have to agree with you a lil; the actual mirrors look a lil smaller than that of the usual.


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