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Hey guys......

I made a mention about the KSport range in the suspension topic I posted earlier. Needless to say, I had no replies!!! So.......... I have done some research elsewhere and thus far found out that they have a decent stance in the market place. Unfortunately, I do know people that have their product, but no one that has a Lexus.

I personally have been "put off" from buying overseas. Out of principal, I cannot justify paying more for Freight then the actual item price,hence I look for local alternatives.

I was told about this mob in Brookvale that stock the Ksport range. Check it out. They stock HIDs, brakes, suspension etc.

I am waiting on some info/pricing from them. I will keep anyone interested posted. Perhaps, if we buy in numbers, we can get discounts. Only an idea, lets see how we go!

Again, the product does look good as far as I can see thus far.

Brookvale supplier

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I was told to see these guys from Auto Barn in Warriewood for HID's and any other mod's. The guy highly recommended them.

I'm happy to check it out and buy local. Especially with the US$, it blows the cost way out, not to mention postage.

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Personally, I can't understand why you'd buy a Lexus and then modify it! If you want a sports car with get up & go that handles like it's on rails, buying a bloody Mitsubishi Evo. A standard one will dominate even a modified 250.

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Each to their own I suppose. Whatever it might be, it just adds that personal touch to an already amazing car. I personally don't want to do any performance based mods but rather cosmetic. Again, each to their own.

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I guess i'm thinking moreso of the resale, it's likely if you sell an IS250 in the next 2 years or so it's still going to be a 40K car and no bored north shore housewife - the main buying demographic of the IS250 - wants a car with garish modifications.

I'm even wary of chucking on the Tanabe Sustec for this reason, even though i'm partial to them.

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Hence the IS-F and even the IS350 were released. But.........the reason coilovers were even mentioned, was due to the ability to have the flexibility when it came to ride heights etc. Put quite simply, I can't find a (manufactured /non-modified) spring with the appropriate drop and spring rate that I am after. I am not after a track car, I just want to achieve a unique look for my car. And......I would assume that alot of the members on this forum are out to do the same! Yes, speaking for myself, I know that Im not going to get the performance that I want for the track from a 2.5L non turbo, but I knew that when I bought this car!

Many of the guys I know that have modified their cars generally keep the oem gear. They generally put them back on the car when it came time to sell.

Just a thought, perhaps its not only the "bored north shore housewife" that wants a used IS250. I know a lot of my friends that would love to buy my car, "modded", but can't afford to buy brand new!

I guess you could do the same if you put the Tanabe coilovers on your car. Keep the oems. :huh:

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