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Rs200 Vs Rs200z

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The Z has more option parts.

It has metal peddels and door trims. And usually have optional parts like aero parts.

My car is a Z. Alot of people advertise there cars as Z's but they arnt. To make sure if it is it will be printed at the end of the model numer under the bonnet.

Clearly saying Z.

Some others could give you more info on the differences.

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Ok, I have a 2002 Japanese Altezza brochure.(my uncle send it to me from JP)

basically, there are basic, L, and Z edition.

body kits are optional for all altezza(RS/AS, basic,Z,L)

L has leather seats, leather gear knob (auto/man)

Z,basic = clothe trim,seats.

L,Z, metal padels, Basic-plastic

L, Z rear dark privacy glasses, Basic-normal uv cut glass.

L,Z have front fog lights, Basic- no front fogs

L,Z 17" 5 spoke alloys, Basic- 195-65-15 91H tyres with steel wheel+plastic covers

One exclusive figures for 2002+ RS200 Z 6MT = techometer in the middle, speedo on left, with digital speed display on the right LCD.

Other RS200(6MT L,basic, + all 5AT L,Z,Basic) have standard 0~9k tacho metre on left.

JDM Altezza have so many complicated combinations regarding to figures.

Some of the figures are not according to the grades of the model, instead, depand on transmission.

E.g. All RS200 6MT have TRC control, but TRC = optional for RS200 5AT(L,Z, basic) + all other AS200s

If u want to check other specific features of different spec, let me know and I will check the brochures. Or if u know some basic Japanese, u can actually view toyota Japan's website for the specification table.www.toyota.co.jp/alt

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E.g. All RS200 6MT have TRC control, but TRC = optional for RS200 5AT(L,Z, basic)  + all other AS200s

Not sure this is right - I'm pretty sure TRC is only available on the Z and L RS 6spds, not the basics...


Is the most definitive and accurate list I've seen.

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Like SSML listed and said thats the difference between the Base Z and L, but most used cars dealers in NZ have no idea what theya re talking about anyways, so when they have an ad saying it is Z or not Z it is best for you to go and inspect the car yourself.

Matt :)

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I just check the japanese toyota official website. There are a few change. so I think different year models will have different spec (my hardcopy brochure is 2002). So anyone with 2002 Basic RS200 6MT can tell us whether TRC is standard

The English web site seems to be the English tranlation from JP website.

u can visit http://www.toyota.co.jp/Showroom/All_toyot...ezza/index.html

then click 9th from top on the left column(which is "spec" in JP)and select top one of the 3 sub options, then u will see the spec page.

The fee for optional features seems to be more expensive on JP website then english website..

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