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Stock Injector Size?

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Anyone know the size of the stock injectors? Im making a guess at like 310cc or something near there.

Just making an educated guess but i want to be sure

Four 310cc injectors will support 200hp at 85% duty cycle.

310 / 10.5 (to find fuel flow rate in lbs per hour) = 29.52 lb/hr

29.52 x 85% = 25.092

At a BSFC (brake specific fuel consumption) of 0.5 this yeilds

25.092 / 0.5 = 50.184hp per injector

50.184 x 4 = 200.736hp

I know the Beams 3SGE is rated at 210hp but i think its safe to say they wont be larger than 310cc's...maybe 320cc (using the same method as above yeilds support for 207hp).

Can anyone verify?

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Yea, i would like to know the definate answer to this question aswell.

I have 8 standard fuel injectors for sale because i have just got a set of 440's, which i hope will be big enough ;)

All i need to know now, is whether the fuel pump is up to the task :huh:


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Greeneyes there are too many unknows but those formulas are just used for estimates. I used 0.5 BSFC to err on the side of caution. Better safe than sorry.

330cc injectors will support 213.7hp @ 85% duty cycle and 0.5 BSFC.

It may very well be 330's :o

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thats huge for an NA 2cyl. Using 340cc as the injector rate should give us a rough idea of what the fuel pump should flow.

340 x 4 = 1360cc/min

1360 x 0.001 = 1.36 L/min

1.36 x 60 = 81.6 L/hr

Looks like an 81 liter per hour fuel pump. It might be more but deffinately not less.

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From what i can tell from the power fc manual I got today, the injectors are 340cc.

Sounds about right.  :)



I'll be catching up with Tony Head later this week (Tony has the other Targa Altezza) and will ask him what injector size he's running. He has two engines, one alot more worked than the other. Neither run turbo.


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