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I know the sports version uses a different suspension, i'd rather have a stiffer suspension compared to the stupid sports luxury model. What i'm trying to determine is whether it is the brake pressure or it's the actual suspension.

What i'm trying to say is does anyone find the suspension on the sports luxury model a bit too soft which it feels like there is too much body roll? When I press on the brake to make a complete stop the car wobbles too much, that is even comparing with my old C class Merc!

Is there anyway to adjust the brake pressure? Like make it brake when I step on the brake lower instead of so high up? Would changing brake pads make any difference?

I feel like a noob when it comes to brakes ;)

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In terms of brake pressure, you need to alter the master brake cylinder. Either varying the pistons or the valves. I've never done it to the IS250 though.

I actually don't mind the height or feel of the brake pedal in my car.

Have you tried bleeding your brakes from all four corners? You may just have air in the system?

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Just re-read the original post, in terms of handling.

Braking is only for stopping - If the car wobbles while braking you could have wharped discs or a problem with your brake system?

Suspension is what keeps the wheel in contact with the road - You can always get coil overs to adjust the damper settings to suite how stiff or soft you have your suspension to be.

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The car has only done 21k so I doubt I need to bleed my brakes, it's too responsive in fact ...

I want to change the brake pad because of the high level of dust but I don't know whether it will change the responsiveness.

I thought about putting coil overs and i know a few people here have changed their suspension already. What does everything think about the sports luxury standard suspension?

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I thought the suspension was the same through the whole range, and it was the wheel and tyre packages that varied.

The bigger wheels with lower rubber will give a firmer ride than the SL with slightly smaller wheels ane more rubber.

I'm very happy with my SL's ride and handling.

Having come from a Subaru WRX and Liberty B4, the SL definatley rides more comfortably. For the power we get, the handling I find to be a very good compromise but is still surprisingly agile if you want to push it a bit. Just remember it is heavy for a small car and small engine.

Just wish they would bring in the IS350, for me the ISF is overkill.

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Does anyone know if the stiffer sports suspensive can be compared to Kings springs. I know it's hard to compare cos i'm not sure anyone has Kings but i'm very sure Kings are still.

Anyone recommend lowering with Kings?

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SL = ?

I've been told by the dealer the sports version has a different suspension to the sports luxury, maybe he was just trying to convince me to buy the comfort version then ...

I care about comfort more than anything nowadays since i'm a family man :mellow:. I've always been a performance person before so straight after 15k on the clock I took the IS down to Eastern Creek and I was impress with the (stability control off) handling on track for a family car. Without going off track such as comment on the power or brakes overheating ... what I'm trying to say is with all the cars I had before, doing a comparison, I find the IS brakes quite sensitive and in combination with the suspension, it wobbles too much when it comes to a complete stop. I know I shouldn't compare it with my coilover before but I do expect similar or better suspension (comfort wise) comparing cars in the same range like 3 series or A4.

Has anyone else own a C class/3 series/A4? Maybe you will know what I'm talking about if you have driven say a 3 series before. :huh:

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The suspension for the Prestige and Sports Luxury are the same, with the difference between bigger wheels on Sports Luxury. I had a prestige with 16" wheels and have since put 18's on them. The amount of body roll is significantly reduced due to the lower profile tyres (less tyrewall roll)

The IS250 Sports or now the IS250 X, have the sports suspension. There are also lots of aftermarket options for suspension, with a friend of mine putting Eibach's on his IS250. They were definitely noticeably firmer however roll was significantly reduced.

I have also braked hard in my car heaps and emergency braked on more than one occasion. There is no way that the car wobbles. The only thing that I can think of is either:

1) something is wrong with your car

2) You are talking about ABS kicking in.

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I think you understood me the wrong way, what I meant was the car wobbles front and back too much but it is what the suspension is suppose to do, not left and right or steering wheel shake or whatever.

Sensitive brake and soft suspension are what I am trying to point out, people don't realise brake and suspension do rely on each other simultaneously (i'm talking about stopping comfort), no matter you are a big footer or try take it easy with the brake.

I kinda regret not getting the BMW 3 series when it comes to comfort, especially when they have 50:50 weight distribution. Suspension? Fine, I can change it to a set of coilover but brake isn't something that can be mod easy unless I change the whole brake system, and if I were to spend money on the brakes I would rather change it to a 4 piston brake, brembo etc ... not worth it on a 2.5L V6.

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