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Hey All

I was checking my air filter (stock) and giving it a little clean up. After all that I now get the 'Check VSC' message.

I had a look at the cables etc if I unclipped or possibly damaged anything but they looked fine.

Any Ideas?

***Fixed! Although I replugged the O2 sensor a couple times, this time i sprayed some WD-40 - Miracle worker it is!!***

On another note, anyone know what is that rubber outlet in the stock airbox? It goes nowhere.

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I gave mine a clean with some compressed air.

Decided to give it a clean especially after Sydney worse dust storm!!

Probably i bit late now but i had my windows tinted and they flatened the battery and all the way home i had this msg. i tried re starting the car several times leaving it off for longer period it wouldnt go away so i dissconected the battery for 5 mins and reconnected it and msg gone.

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When you disconnect the airflow sensor on the air filter and start the car, the check vsc message appears. It's simple to fix it. Disconnect your battery and wait about 10 minutes. Reconnect the battery and start the car, the message should go away. I've got this problem when I was installing a light bulb and this easily fixed it.

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