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Engine Growling Abit - Coldish Temp

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Does anyone hear a light growling sound when starting off, under coldish engine temperature? You can hear it only when accelerating, and sounds like when you wind up those old manula bed clock (you can hear the teeth winding up). When the car warms up the sound is no longer there.

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What grade of oil do you use? Possibly the oil hasn't warmed up yet and flowing as well maybe?

Is it engine related? Do you hear the sound when you rev in neutral also? If it's not the engine then maybe it's coming from the wheels?

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5w-30 Castrol FS. It sounded like camshaft spinning, mind u it's a quadcam and there are things in there that may need to be warmed up or lubricated.

Hmmm should i change to 0w-40?

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lol @ jake

i get that some times when the motor is cold and the oil isnt up to temp

once it reaches that temp it's gone.

more of a ticking noise than anything.

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