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Where To Tap In For Power For External Grill Led's?

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Hey guys just got a question,

I've got a couple of those LED strips which i've attached to the front grill of my is250. At the moment i have them attached to my fog lamps but i would like to somehow have them on without needing to turn my fog lights on.

Any suggestions as to an easy way to tap into say the cigarette lighter from outside? Or that other 12V outlet in the the centre glovebox near the AUX? thanks.


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try using the parker then

or use it directly off the battery so it turns on when u got the ignition on

if you go off batery they will never turn off.

you need to find a cable that powers up with the ignition. or from the batery and run the cable to inside of car through a switch. to your lights and back to the batery.

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Yeh i get what you mean thanks guys, i was more specifically after any directions as to where i would find these cables to tap into?

I'm still new to cars so i'm hoping these cables are easy to locate or access without pulling apart complicated parts or anything like that.

As a side question, when you say "parker" what does that refer to? I'm guessing you're talking about parking lights?

My is250 has 3 sets of lights that i'm aware of.. 1. My low beams/normal night lights/HID , 2. High beam, 3. Fog lights down below. I'm able to control these while i'm driving.

I did a search for these parking lights, and they seem to be headlights that turn on whenever your car is on, but i don't see any lights at the front when i turn on my car with the 3 lights stated above in the off position.



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