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  1. FS - 2011 Lexus ISF OEM blade rims.

    bump, price update.
  2. lucky new owner, it was mint!
  3. 2011 OG's up for sale. approx. 35,000km on them before I swapped to the 2012+ wheels. Original 225/255 tyres with the exception of one rim. All rims in excellent condition with one having a scuff (pictured) Pickup from Parramatta or Wollongong. $1750.
  4. FS - Lexus ISF Swift Springs (08-11)

    all good, il let you know if it does not sell locally. and regarding the ride it reduces roll (not that the ISF has a lot) and is a good compromise without having to go coilovers etc, looks mint also!
  5. FS - Lexus ISF Swift Springs (08-11)

    pickup only @ this stage blacky. bump - $350.
  6. Hopefully the next one John!
  7. I’m in 2011 ISF .. No RR package :( lol + 2014 Red F (possibility also)
  8. HKS SSM Exhaust

    sounds good, quite a few active ISF members now.. a cruise is in order!
  9. HKS SSM Exhaust

    still a damn nice exhaust don't get me wrong, but not for the actual price they sell it for in Japan, if you get it cheaper.. score ;)
  10. HKS SSM Exhaust

    honestly I thought the SSM was quieter then OEM the only time I noticed it was a little louder was high RPM but .. yeah, not much. PPE will sound amazing regardless!
  11. HKS SSM Exhaust

    HKS SSM with stock mid will only disappoint you.. its ... quieter then stock imo..
  12. ATF Fluid

    Parra seem to enjoy quoting randomly high figures.. currently having an investigation with Lexus of Australia regarding this dealership so I would not trust them personally. Highly recommend anyone in Sydney to speak with Chris @ Chatswood, the price of this may surprise you..
  13. ATF Fluid

    Hi Mate, give Chris @ Chatswood Lexus a call he will explain the process and pricing. Personally I will be doing it more regularly going forward.
  14. kyo, also need to see this... I will try and make it but might come a little later in the evening.