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  1. slender, yes - Danny swapped an ISF engine and transmission into a IS250 - I dont think he documented the process though? shame :(
  2. yeah no way im forking out 4k when when a few clicks and you have over a 60% saving.. not just that all the parts arrived within a week or so!
  3. yep.. just the dust really! will look into NS400's when they are due which hopefully isnt for a while!
  4. ordered all OEM Brembo rotors/pads from the states - ended up being around $1500 and around $90 to fit the fronts so I am pretty happy with that! rears are not due yet but ready to go when they do! I know the brake dust is a an issue but I have always been immensly imrpessed at how the OEM systems hold up and the number of lexus track days I have attended with random drivers car swapping and beating on the cars all day!
  5. just stock for now - imo you cannot get a better exhaust for the price (retail even)
  6. the exhaust fits in the cabin :) fold down the passanger seat all the way (blanket everything) move the drivers seat all the way forward - the end of the exhaust (mid section)will be sitting above the drivers side passanger headrest. move drivers seat back - your golden. 2bling - the x force (had for 6 months) is great - not too loud, not too quiet so its a good balance and for the price its hard to go wrong.. I paid $1350 installed.
  7. RE: Called Ozzy who said they can fit a 265/30 but not a 35 profile (didn’t recommend it). Also they said at 265 they would have to roll the guards etc but I thought only at 275 would I need to do this etc. Guessing at 275 there would be sidewall issues given its width? I have 265/35 PSS's on the back (and swift springs) no issues.