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  1. lexus isf rev drops too low to 500rpm

    This is standard for the ISF it seems, it is not a fault. I suspect it may be for fuel economy/emissions reasons, to set the idle rpm as low as possible. I agree, in reality it is too low and a bit annoying but you can overcome it by turning on any source of electrical drain such as headlights/sidelights, window demister, A/C, etc... or put it in Neutral :)
  2. Is-F 2011 Poor Audio Quality

    The AUX input is no different to any other source except it is analog - it is still processed the same way, still goes through the head unit EQ and sound processor. The only difference is unlike the digital inputs you have the opportunity to pump a strong signal into it to compensate somewhat for the low gain, which may or may not work... I have run various sources through both the USB and analog inputs and they all suffer from the low gain of the stock system regardless. The difference in audio quality is barely worth worrying about.
  3. What oil does lexus use in the ISF

    My invoices from Lexus Perth say they use Mobil 5w 30...
  4. Supercharged ISF

    $8k USD for a messy inefficient centrifugal s/c install running only 3 pounds boost? Yeah no thanks. ill give them the benefit of the doubt and assume it's still early days but when s/c kits for the likes of the Toyota 86 (which runs higher static CR than this engine does) are superior twin screw blowers pushing 3x the boost for the same price, i think there's considerably more development to be done. [edit] For a more relevant comparison, the new Mustang has barely been released in AU and already there is a twin turbo kit in development (which is specific to RHD cars so its not just a US copy) which will be running 10-15psi (98/E85 fuel). Estimates of 450-600rwkw. Similar spec engine to the IS F - 5L V8, 11:1 CR
  5. ISF ECU tune , thought ?

    Fair enough, obviously the price/exchange rate is a lot worse since I got mine then!
  6. Looking to buy an ISF

    Your car is actually a MY2013, the changeover date was August 2012 :) MY2012 cars (ie, built from Aug.2011 - July 2012) do not have the HDD nav or BT streaming
  7. Looking to buy an ISF

    Mine doesnt, and it is a MY2012....
  8. Looking to buy an ISF

    2012 cars dont have BT streaming!
  9. ISF ECU tune , thought ?

    Considering the PPEs can be had through Chatswood for around $1600 delivered thats a ridiculous price for labour.
  10. New Front Pads & Rotors

    No need unless they are damaged/missing. only consumables are rotors and pads.
  11. New Front Pads & Rotors

    I got a complete set of front and rear OEM-spec crossdrilled rotors from GSL Rallysport for $380 delivered Put a set of Project Mu B Spec pads in and the brakes are better than factory plus far less dust, win-win :)
  12. Gs-F First Impressions Test Drive.

    Was speaking to a couple of guys at Lexus when i got my F serviced recently and i commented on the very average reviews of the RCF and mentioned the GSF, one guy said he wouldnt be surprised if Lexus had made some revisions to the 2UR in the GSF as it felt noticeably quicker than the RCF!
  13. For cats to work properly (and get rid of the smell) they need to be as close to the engine as possible, so in your case you would want to bolt them onto the end of the headers, then bolt the rest of he exhaust onto the cats. Presumably you will need to cut the front of the Borla system by the same length as the cats take up in order for everything to line up again...
  14. $30K My12+ Oem Wheels?!

    I can confirm that the cost of ONE front BBS OEM wheel is $7196..... because i had to get one replaced through my insurance....
  15. Shorter Diff Ratio For F

    Hi Jeff yep doing Racewars, i remember your car from that one-day rally at the Plex we did a few years ago :) I fitted the headers, it was a bit of a PITA doing it in my shed as you have to drop the subframe but its done. I was going to pull the diff out myself as it shouldnt be too difficult but i'll have to take it to a diff place to get the crown and pinion fitted and set up properly. Assuming all goes to plan it should give the car noticably more punch off the line which it could do with...