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  1. Great outcome. Always good to see a manufacturer look after a customer. Many other's would argue and blame the customer. Hmm your sticky dash is a result of you fitting an aftermarket stereo haha
  2. $950 to $1k does seem excessive given Lexus Parramatta quoted me $840 and thats for my ISF which is a much bigger engine, 10 litres of oil or near enough etc. Thought it would be alot less for a 250.
  3. Cheers thought so. So about $275ish AU with postage. Just wasnt sure if someone managed to find a local supplier at a similar or better price. Ps As you have said, im sure it wont take long for it to scrape everywhere.
  4. Hey i like the front lip, subtle. Do you mind if i ask where you got this from, how much etc. Ive seen a few Ebay specials from the US but not much locally
  5. Not sure about Rotors but Brakes Direct appear to have pads for the RCF. Im not fortunate enough to have an RCF, only my old and trusted ISF :-) but got Project Mu's and DBA's for it and the service overall was great along with the price. Maybe you can message them direct for possible rotor replacements like DBA etc
  6. Great to hear. Read several horror stories from the US forums about various bugs which turned me off for now. Then i saw a different approach, a double din unit replacing the bottom section from Beat Sonic. Plug in play harness with various options to stream, playback, works with OEM equipment, steering control etc, android play Sits quite low though as no other place it can fit so appearance will be subject to everyones different tastes
  7. Cool, keep us informed. Would be curious to see if you notice any difference.
  8. Cheers for the replies. Saw some posts on the US forums but not for ISF's and that was a mixture of different answers. A few times ive been caught out (generally dont let it get lower than a 1/4 so its not picking up the last remaining drops) but this morning i was running late to work and the fuel light came on and when i parked it said 30km remaining. I filled up after work anyway but was just curious, had i drove that 30km, how much further approx could i go if i continued. Ended up getting just over 380km to the tank before filling up this afternoon. Usually at 1/4 or so im getting low 300's :-(
  9. Hi all, Just curious if anyone knows approx how many kms can be driven when the low fuel light appears. I know its dependant on your right foot etc but if driving normal, not in sport mode etc, how far could our ISF's drive?
  10. Nice choice Ozzy. I love black wheels, look mean and also helps hide brake dust lol
  11. Damn, sorry to hear. I have bolt on mods and given our cars are n/a i wasnt expecting huge gains unlike some of those supercharged or turbo V8's like the Holdens, Mercs etc but i was still happy with the tune. Was it best bang for my buck, thats debatable but i gained throughout the rev range. Before and afters i got alot more of a notable gain with my WRX but then again it was alot more modified as in turbo, intercooler, boost, exhaust, induction, pistons, compression blah blah. I was getting the VSC light on after my exhaust which appeared once a month and it hasnt come back since my tune so it helped me get rid of a code vs creating one like your situation. Im no expert but yeah seems very coincidental. Whilst the tuner has denied it, is he willing to assist and and atleast look it at given what you have spent. He's probably viewing it from a perspective "hey ive tuned other ISF's without this issue" but its not to say its not possible. Every car is different. Espeically if you only got 200kms before the warning appeared. Has the code caused your car to run rough etc? Thinking carbon build up but youve said its not dirty and you cleaned the TB. Throttle control module, harness, loose connection possibly. Ive lost pedal response once but it was my Apexi throttle controller so easily fixed and no warning codes. Doubt its actual hardware as in throttle body, motor etc as they were fine before your tune. Im thinking wiring, connection, harness or something less expensive. Hope its a simple fix, good luck.
  12. Read about this on the US forum. Just curious if anyone has tried this here? Many people praise it. Having an older ISF, im sure mine has never been done. Does this get done during routine services? I sometimes feel like there is a slight hesitation when accelerating from the lights but then again i think i compensate without even knowing as its so easy to spin the wheels even with mild acceleration (especially once the tyres are not new)
  13. Sorry i thought yours was over 270. 271 or something like that. I think i might have got yours confused with another ISF, as the latest one Sonny posted on his FB page, im sure was 270ish. 270 seems to be the magic number give or take a few kws for an intake, catback, cat exit expansion and tune. Only seen LTuned with alot more due to his headers but he assures me, he is fitting a supercharger next week and is aiming for 350 @ the wheels lol (sitting back with popcorn waiting for his reply haha). Ps if you find bargain performance headers, please let me know.
  14. Nice find Monyx. Wow those are low numbers over a 6 yr production period. I know some years will be more than others but to average out to 180/yr shows how exclusive our cars really are. Then again, even today Lexus really dont move big volumes of cars. Too classy for the average punter and cant compete Germans for sales. Then again no luxury brand is generally in the top 10 for Aussie car sales each month. Even last month, April car sales was listed as: 1 Toyota 16,090 2 Mazda 8630 3 Hyundai 6850 4 Holden 5804 5 Ford 5802 6 Mitsubishi 5470 7 Kia 4120 8 VW 3867 9 Subaru 3854 10 Nissan 3350 Toyota are always out in front with the Hilux and Corolla. Mazda and Hyundai are generally closer but Mazda cemented itself clearly in 2nd position. Kia often out of the top 10 so they had a good month (will probably have a great sep/oct when the Stinger is finally realeased) Honda never make a top 10 appearance anymore, maybe the new Civic will help (not my taste though, maybe when i was a teenager lol). Ford definitely picked up too, usually way behind Holden. I know the Ranger doing great things for them sales wise.
  15. lol youre probably right, all these Black ISF's, it does get confusing. I initially tried to get the blue, that would of stood out :-) Tune looks on point. Im sure given most ISF's have a intake, exhaust etc, he could almost have a generic map he could apply although i know he treats each tune uniquely. Id really like to see what other tuners can do with the ISF. Im sure they are capable of more, even without a supercharger etc. Some of the numbers he gets from high end Aldi's and HSV's etc is crazy at 400+