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  1. Still havent gotten around to doing this yet but will soon. Was going to do it last late last year but the workshop i was getting to do the service advised Lexus didnt have the gasket in stock so i couldnt do it anyway. Do any of you guys know the part # for the required gasket. If im to buy the parts, besides the 4lt of WS ATF oil what else do i need to source so i only need to pay for the labour from a workshop The workshop told me the gasket was approx $200 which i thought was excessive but im yet to call Lexus to confirm.
  2. Old thread i know but just want to confirm as ive read conflicting opinions about Sport mode (button pressed) and driving in manual mode (with the gear selector or paddles) Im aware in sports mode, the throttle response is more responsive as well as the steering, it holds the gears for longer etc. What im curious about is when driving in sport mode, do the gears change as agressive/precise etc in manual mode. i.e. I know in Auto mode, when i hit the sport button and press the pedal, its obvious how much more the throttle response has changed. Although when i drive in manual with the paddles, as i have full control, i sometimes feel like i can notice the difference in how responsive the throttle is in sport mode but sometimes with sport off, i feel the throttle is just as agressive. A few posts ive read suggest when driving in manual mode, sport mode or normal results in the same throttle dynamics. Other posts say in sports mode, the throttle is much more agressive even when driving manual. Cant find this kind of reference in the manaul etc. Also do you guys notice a big difference when driving spiritedly with the air con on or off or no difference at all. With my WRX i felt the aircon off was a big difference but with our the 5L, i sometimes feel it doesnt but can just a bit??? Curious what you all think?
  3. To my knowledge the latest most easily attainable online is v20 - 2014. Beyond that, i see alot of dead links, rubbish downloads for v21 or newer.
  4. Hey thats great news. Nothing is worse than squealing brakes with excessive dust. My black gloss wheels always look matt because of it lol. Yeah i got those pads (front only) for about $160. Also got front rotors DBA 4000 T3 Slotted for just under $400. Only drama has been i got the pads very quick but rotors on back order. They advised ill hopefully get them just before Xmas so then ill get them fitted same time. Not sure if ill need a new shim kit or do you just use what was already fitted???
  5. The forums have been extra quiet lately lol. Well as an FYI for anyone else in the same position. Need new front pads and rotors which i ordered from Brakesdirect (thanks Peterkay for the tip). They arent cross drilled like the OEM brembos but got DBA slotted rotors with Proj Mu pads etc for about $570 in parts. Ill source a local guy near me to fit them for me. Called Lexus Parramatta for a quote to supply and fit and was told $2680 and $100 for a shim kit if required. So an obvious big difference in price. Of course some dont mind aftermarket like me, some will only want to stick to OEM and Lexus working on their cars, to each their own but just thought id share the price differences.
  6. I mentioned Lexus Parra, Lexus being an obvious choice i guess but Autowerks in Bev hills can also do it. I got a service done on my ISF with the intent of getting the trans flushed too but Lexus didnt have a gasket and a few other parts required so i didnt get it done but they advised they do this and other cars regularly (for sealed units) so call them for a price for a IS250 or whatever Lexus you have. You could save a bit as well and get the oil before hand (cut the middle man out so to speak). Its about $65 for 4L through Ebay sellers (genuine toyota stuff for the ISF, not sure about a 250)
  7. Cheers guys. Must admit, the Brakesdirect site seems quite cheap for both Rotors and pads. Project Mu's and DBA 4000 slotted for just over $500 is alot better than what i was expecting especially when compared to Dealer prices which is excessive.
  8. Old thread i know but after getting a service, ive been advised im due for new front pads and rotors. Based on a few suggestions in this thread and others ive read, the Stoptech pads will suit me although was looking at Project Mu NS400. About $290 cheapest i can find for the Stoptech pads Besides Ebay, does anyone know of an Aussie seller that sells these cheap. Still undecided about the rotors, any suggestions for local sellers. I found these on Ebay but seems quite cheap, am i missing something why it wouldnt suit?
  9. Good stuff mate. Saw your post and price on the US site. Did you install the Varex or normal? Ive had it for about 3/4 of a year now, still turns heads with the exhuast note, im not even close to being bored of it yet lol. All dyno's different blah blah but from memory i gained about 15kw @ wheels with the Xforce catback and K&N in box filter for my car. Ps The bleeps on downshifts are awesome now :-)
  10. I saw that container for $69.95. Ebay even pointed me in the direction of the same 4Lt container for $55 (pick up only) but its a different part number. That is #08886-02305 whereas Lexus and Toyota quoted me #08886-02505 which is around the $125 mark. On Ebay its about $120 or near enough. Not sure of the differences between the 2. Does anyone know the part number for the gasket and whatever part is needed for the Trans flush. Got my car serviced today but the workshop couldnt perform it as he told me Lexus didnt have any of the gaskets required so i was hoping to order this ready for next time.
  11. Lexus Parramatta quoted me $620 for my ISF (different transmission to the IS250)
  12. Cheers, ill print it out. Just wish i knew where in the hell i left it. The book i lost has those service intervals written up in the small squares. Im assuming i probably left it at the place that last serviced it for me as i hardly take the manual out. Lexus Parra said its about $100 for a new one, i almost fell off my chair lol
  13. Just spoke to Toyota Lansvale, they quoted me $40 a plug. Not as bad as $70 but still a rip off lol Lexus Parra quoted me $71 for the cabin air filter and $125.75 for 4lts of the WS ATF Ill be getting the above elsewhere but just an FYI if anyone else is interested.
  14. Looking to service my car soon, not great news to hear. Was this your first time at that Lexus dealer, surprised to hear they got it wrong on so many levels, sorry to hear. Have you gone back to them, raised the issues with the service manager?
  15. Yeah i generally do that, just wanted to get a price from Lexus for a comparison. I always get my own oil, OEM filter, ill get the Denso plugs (seen 6 for $110 but need 8), ill get the aircon filter if its beyond cleaning (looked easy enough to remove from the glovebox), brake fluid, WS ATF fluid etc. Just wanted to see what they charge for labour. Never really bothered in the past supplying parts for previous cars for a service but theres some real savings going this way when it comes to Lexus. I could only imagine what Merc, BMW, or Audi would charge for their services lol