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  1. New Front Pads & Rotors

    Agreed. Had them on my car for a while now and no complaints at all. Little dust and no squealing etc. Great for street use
  2. New Front Pads & Rotors

    Paid $160 from Brakes Direct, free shipping Aust wide. Im sure they are still the same price i think.
  3. Isf Owners Post Up Pics Of Your Isf!

    Especially with headers. What an exhilarating noise :-)
  4. Isf Owners Post Up Pics Of Your Isf!

    Bored so took a few pics of the ISF the other day. Have to admit still impressed with how the ceramic coating turned out. Its my daily ride, gets driven in the rain and all sorts of conditions and in these pics, i hadnt had the chance to wash the car in several weeks, possibly longer yet it still has that gloss which it didnt have prior to the Ceramic coating (glossier in the flesh and was overcast this day yet still shiny enough, despite no wash) Much easier to clean and dirt etc doesnt stick to the car as much as before.
  5. LC500 Exhaust..

    Yeah ive seen that, sounds awesome. The famous "take it easy" phrase by the drivers mate lol. Im sure that would have to be headers but straight pipes or muffler deletes or something additional as it sounds quite loud. Great but loud :-)
  6. LC500 Exhaust..

    Agreed, definitely for sale. Didnt see anyone around at the time but the one on show at Liverpool is all about marketing, just raising awareness with the general public that before anyone lays down their cash on a BMW, AMG etc, that Lexus has something to offer as well. Im sure many arent even aware the car exists. Many still dont even know that the ISF, GSF, RCF exists etc. Im sure the average Joe thinks its a typical 4cyl.
  7. LC500 Exhaust..

    Awesome colour but id be too scared to drive with that colour. Imagine the cost and complications of a respray or touch up lol. I could only imagine how good it looked in the flesh though under the light. Yeah ive seen a few on carsales for about 180k, few used ones. As exotic as they look, i wish they offered some more poke. If anyone upgraded, im sure we'd want the sensation of upgrading in all aspects, not just looks, creature comforts etc.
  8. LC500 Exhaust..

    Yeah they do sound great for stock. Theres a white one parked in the middle of Liverpool Westfield amongst 2 other Lexus cars on display. Definitely stands out with its styling
  9. LC-F V10 twin turbo

    As drooling as that monster looks, the rendered designs always turn out different to production. What a beast and finally some decent go to match the show. 4L tiwn turbo like the Germans will be great and provide a great platform for the aftermarket scene, much better scope for modifications if you want. Just hope they dont water it down and make it look like a boring Camry with a wing if you get my drift so suit the conservative masses lol
  10. PPE header group buy

    Well I have to admit it’s been a roller coaster ride with the PPE saga, I’m sure all involved will have to admit it. Then when they finally landed and we saw the light at the end of the tunnel however there was a slight delay with paperwork etc. We just couldn’t win. In saying that, when they finally got clearance from customs, it was full steam ahead. Thanks Danny for delivering mine to the installer for me and going out of your way to help me get them installed, just scraping through for this year. You’ve been more than helpful once the headers landed so appreciate your efforts to help alleviate some of the prior pain points. Won’t bother with a write up as a few others have shared their experiences but WOW, PPE really transform the car. More so than expected. Haven’t put the car back on the dyno as this year is practically over but I’ll look at getting a retune next year, same place, same dyno etc. so trying to keep conditions the same so I can see the HP difference with headers and then finally all tuned. As we know all dyno's are different but I’ll be able to see before and after on the same dyno which might interest some. Ps I thought it was loud before with the Xforce and it turned heads on downshifts etc. but now its ridiculously loud (as I’ve told others, maybe I’m getting old). I can now just stab the accelerator and scare pedestrians. I know I shouldn’t but it does make me laugh just a little. Mid to top feels stronger, kick down in auto mode feels quicker and it goes to the lowest gear (use to sometimes downshift in stages or slight hesitation). As for the smell, it’s not that bad at all being cat less. Might get hi flow ones early next year, let’s see.
  11. Isf Owners Post Up Pics Of Your Isf!

    A rare sight indeed, well for Sydney anyway :-). Nice rides gentlemen
  12. Sounds like it was an eventful evening. I know what you mean about boosted cars, small ticking timebomb engines, highly stressed but yes they can be very quick with big boost. I had a pretty quick WRX, forged internals, high boost, water spray, exhaust, computer, bigger injectors, bigger turbo etc. There is more scope with forced induction to really push big numbers but with N/A like our cars the mods are limited. Still love the ride of the ISF though over my WRX. Our cars sound great and i have more faith in pushing it harder knowing something wont bang or snap under the bonnet. I never had that confidence with my WRX especially after owning it for so long. Some of those 4cyl are very quick like Evo's you mentioned. Even CLA45's stock are low 4's, quite quick. Nice grudge match with that Audi. Even though our cars are quoted anywhere from 4.7-4.9, im sure with your mods you would be a low 4 as well so quite close to the Audi's quoted figures. Any Tesla's there to spice things up. I can only imagine when those Roadsters reach our streets. 8sec quarters and under 2 seconds for the 0-100 or some kind of insane figures like that.
  13. Changed car care brand. Sort of.

    Always good to hear non bias reviews of other products, thanks for the share. I use a foam lance so not sure if the Nanolicious can be used for that. I do like Bowdens Wheely clean. Leaves that infamous purple after result to show the spray reacting with brake dust, dirt and the like. Minimal effort required, just spray on and water spray off. Sure for stubborn or very dirty wheels some agitation might be required but as i wash my car weekly, i find it reasonbly clean with minimal physical effort of scrubbing etc I like buying bulk but with supercheap its either 500ml or 20L (um a bit too much bulk for me lol). Been trying to find 5L without any luck so been using a mothers branded product. Not bad but not as good as the Bowden. For washing my car with the lance ive used the Chemical guys Honeydew foam which wasnt bad but currently using Autobrite Magifoam which is concentrated and gets really thick thuds. Car has been ceramic coated so i use a blower after that to dry the car with a plush Concours tempest drying towel for remaining wet spots i may have missed with the blower. Once i got the ceramic coating done, the water beads off with the blower and is great on the grill etc where you just cant get a drying towel / chamois too.
  14. ATF Fluid

    When i got mine done about 1 year ago, i called around. Parramatta Lexus quoted $620 so assume Chatswood would be similar if not the same??? Few other independant workshops quoted me $450 to $530ish. The condition of my oil at about 80000kms from memory was better than expected (no issues). Did it more for peace of mind and a worthwhile investment like others have mentioned :-)
  15. HKS SSM Exhaust

    Catless? Thats my dilema when my PPE Headers arrive. Some say hardly smells, others say the smell will almost knock you out lol. About an extra 800-1k to fit some based on the few places ive called around :-( Looks good though :-)