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  1. Always look at car sales when a bit bored. Saw a few 2007 BMW M5's for sale with the V10 at cheap prices. Ok dont get me wrong, i know its older and no i wouldnt do it as im sure they are not as reliable as the ISF but damn, imagine how much fun it would be listening to a V10 everyday
  2. I wouldnt do it, not yet. Wrote my essay explaining why on the US site, didnt realised you posted here lol. Im getting a full detail with ClearFX protection end next month so that will make me feel like im driving a newer car lol I know the ride quality could be better but i came from a lowered WRX for over a decade so the older ISF's are pure luxury in comparison lol
  3. Hi, do you have a footrest/dead pedal for a RHD 2008 ISF. Assuming its probably the same from 2008-2014? If so, how much......cheers.
  4. Yeah i had a full flush by a transmission specialist (name slips my mind right now) few weeks back. Anyway, similar, about 13ltrs, pan gasket, oil, filter etc. Mine has about 90k and im sure it hasnt been done prior. He showed me my oil. Obviously it wasnt pinkish but ive seen pics of black however mine was light brown. He remarked reasonably good so it gave me peace of mind as well, knowing i wont have to get it done for quite some time especially as i dont track it.
  5. Would be good as a few of us with slightly different mods have all gone and so far its consistent given given the differences with our cars. i.e. Exhaust vs no exhaust vs headers etc. Tuning ISF's is still relatively new vs other V8's like the Euro competitors etc and Sonny mentioned to me in due time, he'll be getting newer software/updates etc that will allow for greater tuning ability with your ISF's so only better things to come :-)
  6. Curious, where you getting the tune from. Autowerks?
  7. I rembered reading about a guy who had the same issue, same filter etc in the states..........Here is his update for the fix........ "Hi Guys just an update regarding my CEL, we have resolved the issue and thought you guys might want to know what to do. After removing the stock airbox while installing the air intake kit there is a circuit that was left open and according to the instructions that came with the air intake kit it didn't mention anything about closing that open circuit so what we did using a small wire was to close the circuit and reset the computer module allowing it to run its pre check's and she was a lot happier and no more ECL or traction control warning lights. The whole process took about 20 minutes hope this information would be helpful to everyone. Thanks for the feedback and assistance guys"
  8. I got the exact same problem as yourself. Disc is recognised (version etc), would load favourites but not a new address. Got the same error message. My issue was how i was packing the ISO through Imgburn. On the other forum GPSPower there is a link that someone else provided of a single ISO which works perfect. You just need to download it, burn it at 2x or slower and it will work (well did for me so i know the issue was with the ISO i created). Same size at just over 4gb etc
  9. Booked mine in a few weeks ago Lexus Parramatta but first available date was end Aug so ended up settling on a date mid Sep. Much longer than expected but not phased, dont expect any issues with mine regarding the recall. They'll give me a loaner as well. Hopefully the GSF so i can upgrade the ISF but highly doubt it lol
  10. Think mine idles about the same, maybe touch more. I used to get the VSC signal monthly and i disconnected the battery etc as a quick fix (not ideal but was lazy lol). Anyways noticed it after i got a catback exhaust (cooincidence maybe but there are anti foulers available). Well i ended up getting a custom tune and not only did it make more power but the VSC signal hasnt come back since so double win for me haha. So good excuse to get it tuned :-)
  11. Got my 90k service for my ISF about 3 months ago. Lexus Parramatta quoted me approx $1300, so i kindly declined lol I always buy me own stuff (OEM parts where possible) to keep costs down. Anyway got Autowerks in Bev hills to do my service given he did a few mods for me and tuned the car etc so he was familiar with it. He is well aware of what is required for the service (even without my service manual), checks everything even down to the wiper blades etc. I supplied the Oil (10ltrs of it at about $65 for 5lts), oil filter from Toyota parts for about $25 (ryco equivalent even cheaper), Aircon cabin filter (Lexus about $70 but can get a Maxflow for about $20), 8 x Denso plugs for under $20 each (Lexus are about $50+ from memory each) and a few other things cant remember.
  12. Mines booked in, no warranty and a loan car wasnt an issue. Had to take it to Lexus about 6 months ago for another recall (cooling fan or something like that). Again they provided a new loan car (some hybrid thing) but generally you may have to wait a bit longer to get a loaner
  13. I hate scumbags like this, trying to gain out of someone else's expense. When i tried selling my WRX few years back, i had a very similar story. Advertised it on a few sites including Gumtree. They wanted the car sent to Darwin etc and it was to be used for transportation (really, a WRX for transportation). So obvious it was sent out to hundreds of ads and they are praying on law of averages that a few will fall for it. At first i told them i have friends in Darwin, whats your address............didnt get a response lol Later in the piece, i said bottom line, $ in my account, verified otherwise no deal. I got paypal pages (fake but actually good fakes) indicating $ in my account (overpaid as well, yeah right not suss at all). Ignored it then they threatened legal action stating they had paid me, wheres the car. I reported it and told them where to go in a nice way. Sad thing is, im sure they do this because some people fall for it in 1 way or another
  14. Havent had a chance to follow the thread in a while. Can you confirm if this will work for my 08 ISF? Some have mentioned issues for the earlier models like mine :-(
  15. I got my letter for a few days ago. Only had the car 18 months and this is my 2nd recall but ah well, better to be safe than sorry. First recall was for some cooling fans screws and other minor things. Got a new loaner for the day, free wash, free interior clean and a Lexus gift..........................a box of Lexus tissues lol. So i might book mine when my car is really dirty again haha