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  1. Isf Owners Post Up Pics Of Your Isf!

    Hey i like the plate. They should of named it that from the start, would of minimised alot of confusion with people thinking its a 4cyl, IS250 etc.
  2. 275 not wide enough lol. Ive got 285 with the usual bolt ons besides headers (should of arrived long time ago but thats another story/thread :-( Even with 285 i can spiin the tyres with minimal effort but its all fun :-) Ps I can only imagine how much fun the car is drive now especially doing all the mods in 1 hit vs 1 at a time.
  3. Local Supercharger Expert - ISF

    Have to admit, Ive had a turbo for ages and now a v8 but never a supercharger. The whine alone is tempting. Timing is everything and whilst id never rule it out, its not for me at this point. Id never rule anything out, I thought id only spend a few k on my WRX but spent well over 20k on that so you never know with the ISF. I like thats its rate and not common but it hits our wallet harder as most workshops are not investing any R&D into them as its not worth it. Would love to see someone bit the bullet and do it though, that or turbo/twin turbo like the AMG's etc
  4. New Front Pads & Rotors

    Im running that exact setup up front for almost 1 year now. Ordered the above from Brakes direct Nov 16 and they are a great street combo. Much less dust than OEM, less squeal etc and the rotors also great. The slotted rotors are good and are a popular choice. Paid about $550 last year for the 2 rotors and pads, not sure how that compares to prices now
  5. Who thinks i can save my rear tyre

    My one doesnt have a USB port, it just plugs in the cig lighter for display/power. When i questioned sellers about your design, they all told me that the USB was its power source. i.e. plugging in the cig lighter only would not turn it on, i thought that weird but 3 sellers said the same thing so i moved on, got sick of trying to clarify my question lol
  6. Who thinks i can save my rear tyre

    Oh sorry misunderstood. Ive got aftermarket wheels and black ones at that so they are hardly noticeable at all. Most times i struggle to even find them when i want to remove them for whatever reason, inflate air etc. Due to the spoke design as well, they are hidden reasonably well
  7. Who thinks i can save my rear tyre

    Cant find the exact link but this is basically what i have There might be a local seller but would cost more In short i do find them accurate. They remember the last PSI readout and will only reset once you drive 20km/hr and unscrew/rescrew with accessories on etc 30min drive, couple spirited corners and the PSI variance is about 3PSI +/- on average. Ususually when i go to the servo (tyres cold) and go to inflate more air, the readout is same as what my unit says or 1 PSI out. Only had 1 incident, decided to check all tyres with my own guage, similar to the TPMS but when i screwed back all 4 sensors both passenger side sensors started beeping saying 15 and 16 yet i knew they were ok. Well went to put more air in them, it only allowed about 1PSI as they were actually good and when i screwed them back on this time, they read normal again. My main purpose in purchasing is that despite a few PSI, i just wanted warning if they get low as in 20 lower etc. Normally i can feel it if 1 tyre is low but my incident caught me by surprise and hopefully the TPMS will give me the heads up if there is a next time
  8. PPE header group buy

    Unfortunately they still have not arrived yet! When they finally do, ill be sharing my thoughts once installed
  9. 17 days from order to delivery, yep definitely cant beat that. Look forward to hearing how it all goes
  10. PPE header group buy

    Yeah they definitely look like good cats. I called them, he wasnt 100% familiar with the car setup so said about $300 each if easy (as per some car designs) and upto $500 each pending the difficulty, accessability to where to weld them in etc. So $600 - 1k but im sure its closer to the 1k which is similar to Kyo's quote at Northmead. The only difference being the brand, Ballistic to Magnaflow i guess. No wander some are tempted to remain catless, much cheaper initially lol
  11. Who thinks i can save my rear tyre

    Installed it yesterday, quite simple. Then adjusted the audible warnings to let me know when the pressure gets low. Works well. Had to put a bit more air in front drivers side. After i inflated it to 38, i got in the car and the readout showed 38 so its quite accurate even compared to my digital guage. So overall i feel its a good little investment that could have given me the prior warning i needed of knowing my pressure was low in 1 of my tyres
  12. PPE header group buy

    Damn didnt think that expensive. Guess by the time you got them from the US, then add shipping and labour here to install, its all relative. Best bet is to find a possible cheaper place local with similar or same cats. Magnaflow seems the ones to get based on RR, PPE etc. A few exhaust shops rattled off figures such as $250ish each. Think its time i called again and pin them to a specific quote and for what type of cat. No point installing a restrictive one lol
  13. PPE header group buy

    Local exhaust shops do hi flow cats for about $200ish i think but PPE want. Atleast PPE site is on sale vs 330ish for RR Racing for the magnaflows. We need 2 of them so thats already about 550US + postage. Not sure of the comparison in regards to flow between a hiflow local perforamnce cat vs the Magnaflow ones PPE and RR use. Would be good to know how you go, cheers.
  14. PPE header group buy

    Congrats Kyo on your purchase. Im sure with your setup it would be a nice ride. Id guarantee you with those mods it would make even more on another dyno as we all know some dyno's are happier than others. Ill eventually get mine retuned after the PPE install so ill be able to see the before and afters which is more important to me from a gain perspective. There is another tuner i considered but not looking forwad to outlaying so much at the begnnning again and i wont know the header gain as ill be going to them after the install which would be a shame I hear ya about the CAT comments. I posted the question myself and a mixed result. Those advising, cmon its about performance, who cares about the smell. Obvsiously those stating the legal ramifications of now having any cats and i have kids in my car constantly as well so dont want them inhaling that kind of smell although some assure me with the windows up you cant smell it etc. Im confident though with decent hi flow cats the power loss wouldnt be anywhere near 10-15hp. Yes its more restrictive, no one would challenge that but not to that extent. Maybe someone else who has dyno results before and after cat installs could share. Ps When you get your cats installed, let us know which brand you went with and how you find it.
  15. PPE header group buy

    Ill be catless for a week or so as the fitter im using doesnt have cats nor welds them in as the PPE doesnt come with it. Most exhausts shop have all sorts of hi flow cats so ill either go independant or arrange through the header installer afterwards. Doesnt have to be at the same time. As Babalouie said, most with exhausts including me with my Xforce lost the 2 rear cats and will lose the remaining too with the PPE install.