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  1. Hey just curious if you wouldnt mind letting me know the cost of LSD, install etc. Could you PM me if thats ok unless willing to share here. Im sure once i get the PPE's, my lack of traction will only be more profound so realistically i might become more active in trying to source a LSD or what my options are but at this stage i havent researched it so no idea what kind of outlay im looking at. Any info greatly appreciated
  2. Yeah ive got similar mods to you. I got the widened flange trick as per your advice lol. Always wanted headers as its such a known power gain but like you said, the cost is crazy however few weeks heard the tapping and its on the passenger side (which apparently is the side that typically has the leak) etc. So it was good timing with the group buy. I have contacted about 4-5 workshops regarding install costs which ranged from $500 to $1200 with varying advice. Also as the Xforce has not cats, ill need to purchase 2 x hi flow ones as i dont want the smell, possible fines etc associated with going catless so when you add it all up its about 3.5-4k. Definitely not a cheap quick mod but didnt see many other choices really. Buy OEM headers with the same flaw design, pay for labour to fix what i got but who knows if another leak surfaces or just get PPE's and be done with it. They wont leak if installed right etc. Here i was thinking the car was going to remain 100% stock lol. My tyres also needs replacing next few months or so. You can imagine my traction issues right now, i regularly see the traction light on with minimal effort lol
  3. Damn that does sound good. Ah well, committed to headers for now and im sure i need them with the ticking noise im getting. In due time, it will have to be my next mod. I cant keep chasing HP without grip to match lol
  4. That much difference for our cars. So the flashing traction light doesnt pop up as often anymore?
  5. Sadly im not surprised. Was quoted by Lexus, $1200 to fit headers. Ok its debatable how long it takes for the install pending who you speak with but several other workshops who quoted me all gave a price indicating its approx $100/hr. Im sure it wont take 12 hours to fit headers lol. Wouldnt doubt the quality of workmanship they provide but yes like many manufacturers, they know how to charge.
  6. Yeah its one of those things. Some have had no issue at all, others like us have. I know many in the US have had the same issue (based on US forum member responses) so many of them do away with them and just get aftermarket mufflers that come with their own stacked tips or those blue burnt tips etc. I elected to retain my OEM tips as i want the factory look and didnt want any further unnecessary attention (especially as i have an aftermarket exhaust)
  7. From memory it doesnt as each stacked pair is bolted via its surround. Im sure someone else may be able to confirm for sure
  8. Yeah they are crappy welds in 4 spots per tip from memory. Mine also fell off over a year ago whilst washing the car so fortunately i didnt run over it like ive read others have. Anyways i did a dodgy silicone fix, held on with zippy ties until it bit. Been meaning to get to an exhaust shop to reweld but its been over a year and its solid as can be, no movement at all. Was thinking of purchasing some extras as backup in case i did lose one in transit at one point. Something like this Even had the car professionally detailed and i know the detailer would of applied some pressure as the exhuast tips came back shiny and all 4 including the silicone attached one is still on firm.
  9. Cheers Danny for organising this for us. So just to confirm, once the order is placed do you know how long approx before they land here ready to pick up. Do i need anything else for the fitter to install, repositioned dipstick etc or will it have everything. i.e Just need to pay for labour for someone to fit?
  10. Yeah unfortunately the IS250 hasnt got an overly sensitive accelator feel and wasn’t supposed to. I have an ISF which is a lot livelier but I still fitted an Apexi throttle controller as it works being drive by wire. For me it’s great. With sports mode it’s like the car is on steroids and very sensitive so I’m sure it will help with your situation. They are also relatively inexpensive compared to other modifications.
  11. Everyone will have a varying opinion on this. I did this for my ISF about 4 months ago. It had about 90k. I dont track the ISF and not sure about previous owners, hence why i wanted to do it as a preventative thing not knowing its full history. I was surprised, the oil was in good condition, no flakes, debris etc and colour lightish. I wouldnt have changed it had i known but nevertheless, was a good insurance policy at the time if you get my drift. Those who track their cars are more adamant to get it done which i get. Yes its a sealed unit but Lexus etc will still happily quote to do the job. Most get alot of it out but only a flush machine will really get all out. Most i think do the cooler, drain the pan, change the filter, gasket etc then of course the oil.
  12. Sonny tuned my ISF and a few other members on this forum. Can only speak on behalf of myself but i was happy with the tune. I think its overpriced for whats invovled in the tune but it was the going rate if you get my drift. Every dyno is different but i was happy with the before and afters. Prior to getting his recommendation i contacted a few other places who can also tune the ISF (syd based): 1. BTA motorsports - Ali. He advised about 30rwk and 20% more torque as estimates. Obviously pending what mods you have currently influence this 2. CPI tuning - Sasha or Joe. Think they have interstate and oseas offices too. He sent me a dyno of a final tune but doesnt really mean much without the before so it looked like a happy dyno vs autowerks but still, havent used them so not sure of the quality etc 3. C&V advised they are sure they can tune it but wanted to see my car to be sure, see if their software is compatible etc so i can only assume they might be able to but havent tuned 1 before otherwise they would say yep can do etc.
  13. Congrats mate, hope you got it for a good price. Guessing you'll get headers now in a week or so :-)
  14. Hmm 380km per tank. Trust me, you'll be enjoying driving it too much to achieve that haha. Ok seriously though, i have achieved about 380 but thats a few times when time has gotten the better of me and my fuel light has come on which i usually avoid by filling up with about 20% left. I normally get about 350km give or take but as said, thats about 20% left. Not meaning to sound blunt, but id say for many ISF owners, its great if you can get plenty of km's per tank but im not fussed if i dont. Fuel economy wasnt high on my priority list for an ISF haha. As for the km's the car has, that wouldnt bother me. As others have mentioned, they are very reliable and less km's doesnt mean its any more reliable, pending the life its had. As long as its been well cared for, serviced regularly, genuine or good quality aftermarket parts etc, then you'll be fine. With your average yearly km's, you'll bring the average down. When you go to sell the car, the lower the kms the better but beyond that, drive it and enjoy it. 69k on an ISF is nothing. When you get it theres several things you can do to it or just leave it stock. There is things such as: Exhuast Tint Filter / Air intake Good set of tyres Headers Tune Body parts such as front lip, side skirts, rear diffuser (Toms etc) USRS (RR Racing steering bushes) RR Racing oil/air seperator Better brakes / rotors Apexi throttle controller...........and plenty more
  15. Yep all under warranty. The wiring part was an easy enough thing to happen, cutting out near the rear. That was fixed easily. The motor part was annoying but again, these things happen and fixed without issue and touch wood, been working great ever since. Besides my time going back there, it was never an issue and they fixed/looked at the car n no problem.