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  1. Sorry to hear. Sounds like they didnt get anything right. End of the day i know detailers use various methods but you'd expect the basics to be done. i.e. Swirls removed. Id be annoyed if the end result was something below par vs what i could do myself :-( Hope the new detailer can deliver the results youre paying for. Ive been quoted 900-1100 from a few different detailers, guess thats the going rate.
  2. Didnt know about the twin supercharged. Japan is known for crazy engine work so not surprised. Just waiting for a twin turbo setup like some of the other Euro hi po V8's
  3. Not sure if a mechanic or plumber installed it, talk about plenty of pipe work in that engine bay haha. Bet it would drive great though
  4. Saw this from a Jap website i think. RCF supercharged. Not sure if its a mockup but wouldnt be surprised, im sure someone out there has already modded the GSF, supercharged as well. Once the price drops and the average Joe can afford, it will definitely be good times for Lexus V8 cars :-)
  5. .........and after you get one John, give me your headers at mates rates haha
  6. Ive been considering this for months now. First black car so enough said. At a distance its great but up close, hard to avoid those swirls. Did polish it myself about 6 months ago, came up great but assuming its the way i wash it as marks have come back. Then again i polished it but never added the paint protection which is the key to keeping it gloss. Seen Opticoat, Nano quartz and various others. When ive spoken to a few detailers, some say 6 months protection, others several years, etc so there is a bit of conflicting info out there. Ive also read good things about Definition Car detailing and Western Sydney Detailing who have posted up some great results as well and helpful with their quote. They even remove the wheels and add the paint protection to the calipers etc. About 1k seems to be the going rate in Sydney, is that what everyone is paying???
  7. Looks awesome espeically with the Orange calipers. Not over the top but enough for the average person to know its special :-)
  8. Welcome to the Xforce club :-) Had to go back to their head office 2 days ago, Varex motor playing up but they replaced it and its loud and quiet again :-)
  9. Fair enough :-) No doubting the reliability factor and knowing we can rev our cars all day everyday without fear of something breaking :-) Was just curious because a few threads in the states popped up like changed to a GTR, or Giulia etc. Definitely love the practically of a useable 4 door with interior space as well. Very envious :-) Ps Lucky you to be married to a Lexus fan lol. My wife isnt a fan of anything fast so she had no problem me getting the ISF until she drove it for herself. Too late by then haha.
  10. Just out of curiosity, did you consider waiting for the Alfa Giulia GV. Supposed to be released sometime this month and for about 140-150k from what i read, similar to the GSF. Dont get me wrong i love the ISF/GSF/RCF with its great V8 engines but damn, that thing is fast and getting alot of praise for overall performance. I know the Alfa doesnt scream reliability but what an engine.
  11. So much mods being done to the new models by Rafi and his team in the states. Headers, exhaust, super charger etc. Shame the GSF doesn't get the attention but it's kind of in its own class. They always mention the hipo Audis, AMG, M3 etc but they cost a lot more. Wish there was a conversion to get your speedometer in our cars, love those LFA inspired dials
  12. Cheap headers would be nice lol
  13. Wow great upgrade. As much as i love my ISF, the interior is showing its age vs newer cars. Given mine is a daily ride and in traffic regularly, the interior becomes very important and what a step up the GSF/RCF are. I can imagine the stares. Most people dont even know what an ISF is let alone a GSF lol. Most think mine is a IS250 with F badges etc. Lexus have confused the hell out of everyone with F sport on everything. Dont think ive seen any on the road yet but see an ISF about once every few weeks. I wonder how long before you start modifying it :-) One of the biggest let downs for me is the interior room. its tight and i have child seats in mine. Never realised how much longer the GSF is in comparison. I think the ISF is about the same size as a WRX i used to own but the difference is the ISF engine is so much longer and given the decent boot space, the interior suffers :-( Anyways enjoy which im sure you will
  14. Ive had mine installed for a while now, more than 6 months im sure and ive hardly seen it move. Then again i dont track it and i probably drive like a grandpa compared to some lol.
  15. Agree with the others. For street use, the NS400's are a fraction of the price and a fraction of the dust and easily hold their own for street driving. Track of course is a different issue, the OEM's as mentioned are a great all rounder and on a track, dust isnt a major concern. Good price for OEM's, from memory when i called Lexus late last year, maybe early this year (i have a bad memory), they quoted me about $3200ish for the front alone (pads/rotors) so im sure over 4k with rears too. Just a tiny markup in price lol