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  1. PPE header group buy

    Hadnt decided yet. Was going to discuss with the installer regarding what hi-flow cats they use, recommend etc. Ill need them as my Xforce catback got rid of those 2 from the rear side.
  2. PPE header group buy

    FYI Getting a bit anxious and thought id alleviate some of the pain of the Mod having to chase it up so got in contact with PPE direct for an update. This was from late last week Yes, we have a large order for some RHD headers in production right now. We have a few done in fabrication and the rest should be done in fab late next week. We only have one fixture and they take a little over a day to make a set. We have one fabricator working on them until they are all done.
  3. Full RR Racing upgrade package installed in Melb

    Thanks for the info. I smiled after each mod so i can only imagine the transformation doing it all at once. I promised i wouldnt modify the car hence why ive been doing 1 mod at a time. Each time i make the promise, when it wears off i do 1 mod haha. Looking forward to when the headers arrive, ive had it tuned prior and intend on doing so after the headers install when they finally arrive. So ill know the power variance of headers on their own and with a tune with the other mods i got which should be interesting (same dyno, tuner, even similar time of year so hopefully similar conditions so the numbers are more relevant). Ps So are you used to power yet and now looking for your next power mod..........supercharger :-)
  4. Nice pics. We can only dream about the LFA. When i got my airbag recall done last week, saw the LC500 up close and personal. Definitely makes an impression and would stand out on the road, nothing subtle about the styling like the ISF lol. Would be too nervous having that as a daily ride. Someone would be bound to run into it not paying attention.
  5. Generally the more exp one would have a higher CCA. If you are running all original electrical gear in the car then its not an issue but if you have some killer sound system and other electrical equipment, a battery with a higher CCA would be better. Also sometimes the price is due to some being maintenance free whilst others are not. Over the phone the call taker might not have been able to tell you but surprised the technician installing it couldnt. Either way convenient for them to come to you and dispose of the dud battery saving you the hassle :-)
  6. Isf Owners Post Up Pics Of Your Isf!

    I wanted the blue but couldnt find one at the right price at the time. Ended up getting black, gone the black route changing some chrome parts, black wheels etc. Have to say when clean black is as mean as it gets, turns heads etc but when not clean, its so annoying. If you have the time to keep it clean, black is great. Either are great colours but blue would be easier to maintain, hides blemishes easier
  7. PPE header group buy

    Paid mine in full last week but havent heard any updates here yet. Keen to get them installed as well :-)
  8. PPE header group buy

    Great news. Still waiting for updates here. Paid in full already.
  9. As Noodle Boy has said, Joe Z really is a no brainer when it comes to the ISF. Its hard to discuss ISF's and exhaust in the same sentence without Joe Z entering the conversation. Sound, quality and performance has been discussed, published many times over so its a safe bet. As for price, well thats always a subjective one. You get what you pay for but yes it will be a bit pricey for some. I personally went with Varex as i wanted a system i could keep quiet early mornings so it suited my specific scenarios. I know Armitryx offer the same concept exhaust but i dont think from memory they offer it for the ISF, only the GSF/RCF but could be wrong. There is the Meisterschaft that also has the electronic valve so you can quieten it down but i also remember reading somewhere that it comes with one hell of a price tag. In short, happy reading as there are several exhaust setups that you could go with and most will put a smile on your face vs the OEM exhaust :-)
  10. PPE header group buy

    Hi Danny, just paid you final installment N081671594228. My username as reference Any approx time frames for an ETA?
  11. FOR SALE - ISF DIFF (non LSD)

    cant complain with that. Thought you'd be stuck with the non LSD for a while as not many ISFs going around. Good cash and you get some storage space back and now enjoying your new LSD, cant complain. Im sure youre releieved now its all done (thats when the patience pays off)
  12. FOR SALE - ISF DIFF (non LSD)

    Good work mate, hope you didnt have to drop too low on price.
  13. Abandoned ISF

    Hi Sydney people, I hope no one has had their ISF stolen recently. Good friend of mine advised me he saw a Black ISF abandoned on Beech road between the roundabout and Campbelltown road (near Costco, Crossroads). Drove past last night and saw the bonet was missing, 2 rear wheels. I have since been told it appears burnt out by another friend (assuming same car as he described the location of where it was).
  14. PPE header group buy

    Cheers for the update. No problem. Will pay next day or so. Any ETA when the goods will be arriving your place?
  15. Nice choice. Cant go wrong with white. I had a white WRX for over a decade, much easier to maintain than my current Black ISF. Although black looks mean when clean :-) On the US forums, there are plenty of threads about filters like Takeda, HPS, Typhoon etc. K&N have some posts demonstrating x amount of HP gain with their cone type but others have shown that not to be the case. Many have gone aftermarket to go back to OEM again. Ive got a K&N but in the OEM box vs exposed. Im sure its from a compliance issue too if pulled over having a fitler exposed. As per previous suggestion, also got a HPS intake tube, didnt go metal. Been running my Varex for well over a year now. Great sound, good price and besides few hiccups with the electronics of the Varex, im overall happy with it. To achieve that mid note intake sound we all love at an earlier stage, you can block the vacuum hose from the actuator. Cheap and easy to do so you can remove it if you dont like. Literally takes 10 seconds to do it. If you do it, PEPs and other auto shops sell them. Its a 1/8th size as i discovered after a few trips lol. Ps Avoid big tacky stickers as they add weight to your car and will only slow it down haha