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hey guys

its booked for 3pm tomrrow at North Shore Performance Exhausts, Gary there is a great guy and has done nearly all of my mates exhausts

it's only 60$ so i'll see how it sounds and report back! also, come to the cruise if you wanna here it!!!

also, getting new exhaust tips, F Sport style ones, :D

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sick, jst got it done, sounds nice, can't hear it at all on the inside, but sounds heaps nice from the outside

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thanks chris

the exhaust now isn't really loud, but just has a nice tone to it

i'll get a video of it tomorrow, and in the car, you cant hear the exhaust at all even when going up hills or just cruising, and if i do give it a hit

all you can hear in the intake

but when standing outside, you can hear the intake when the cars coming towards you, then a nice tone from the exhaust as it goes past

really happy with it

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I have a fujita which is even louder than the f sport

I get absolutly NO drone at all, as I said u can barley hear it in the cabin unless ur really listening for it

thay said, from the outside it gives a nice tone on startup and even at lower revs before the intake kicks in (3500 rpm)

really worth it for the 60$ I paid

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Hmm.. Mighty tempted. How long did the guy take, and do you have some contact details?

edit - also, have you seen the quality of the welds? Or is this just some hack job? Seems very cheap, I was previously quoted a lot more

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it was in and out in 45mins

i was there for the whole time with my mate and we watched him do the whole thing

i got it done at Gary at North Shore Performance, in Hornsby

i personally haven't know him for long, but he has done my nearly all of my mates cars, BMWs, Maloo, S15, GS300, S2000 etc

all he did was cut the resonator out, then weld a new 2.25" pipe in place of it and also fixed my bolts on the exhaust

i'll jack my car up and take some photos of it at the cruise and see what the other guys think of the welding and all that

i'll take a few videos aswell but no point for a inside video cuz all you'll hear is my intake

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thanks man, yeah I saw those on the CL forums in the many resonator delete threads, but wanted to see what Lehman had to say about it before i made my way out there to check it out for myself

i found when i had a resonator delete on my old cap before i went 2.25 turbo back, that a the cheap thin walled pipe they used caused a massive drone

replaced it with some thicker stuff, problem solved.

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