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Is250 - Sewell Automotive Headlight Upgrade

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I've read lots about people wanting to upgrade their headlights to the + 2010 facelift version with daytime running light such as the ones found on the Sewell Automotive website: http://is.sewellparts.com/accessories-catalog/Exterior/IS250-2011-624.html

They've advised me that they have sold a couple to Australia and thus i wanted to know if anyone on the forum had bought them. If so, have they managed to get them to fit and work properly on the pre-facelifted models as i understand the post 2010 fact lift headlights were a different shape.

Finally, they mention HID units only. I'm assuming the Xenon's available in Australia on most models (exluding Prestige) are the HID units. If not can you let me know.

Thanks again

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I've also looked at the same kit for sale at Sewell, and have considered buying it for some time. There are some challenges, but also some conclusions:

1. Sewell aren't cheap, especially if you don't have your own freight forwarder - they'll charge you over US$600 for delivery.

2. But they are the only ones who sell the right parts in a "kit" form. They won't state the part numbers that form the kit, so you can't source the parts elsewhere for cheaper - you're stuck with Sewell unless you know a Lexus mechanic in Australia who's actually tried this conversion.

3. You have to trust that the kit will fit your IS. With Village Lexus Parts now offline, Sewell are the only Website with assembly diagrams to match part lists. But, unlike Village in the past, they don't have part numbers that state what years they will fit (not what vehicle years they were fitted in but, more importantly, the model years with which they are backwardly compatible). In fact, I think Sewell's Website is rather useless.

4. The kit wasn't advertised on the Sewell Website for a short while during the past year. Was it because the kit isn't quite right?

5. The LHD cut-off lines as manny pointed out. I understand, however, that they are adjustable. This makes sense - it's easy to find separate part numbers for Korea-spec IS headlamps and, if that's easy to find, why should the part numbers for RHD headlamps be hard to find? That's because, IMO, the part numbers for LHD and RHD headlamps, outside of Korea, are identical.

6. If the required part numbers are the same in both the US and Australia, then it can be concluded that, if the kit doesn't work in Australia on pre-MY11 models, then it won't work on US pre-MY11 models either. Sewell would be left with quite a number of disgruntled local customers.

On balance, I think the Sewell kit will fit your older, Australian-market IS, but you can see it's based on conjecture and I understand it's a lot of money to fork out and a lot of hassle if it doesn't quite work out.

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So when it says only HID, it will def fit our cars with the xenons? and what about the US guys having issues with the AFS? I think thats what its called on the top of my head.

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So when it says only HID, it will def fit our cars with the xenons? and what about the US guys having issues with the AFS? I think thats what its called on the top of my head.

The purists will say that there is a difference between "HID" and "xenon" headlamps (one does not always imply the other). But, in the Lexus world, they are one and the same. You are right: in all Australian IS 250 models, except the Prestige, xenon/HID headlamps are used. The Sewell "loaded kit" contains the xenon bulbs and ballast required to replace the halogen lamps in the Prestige with HID's.

AFS refers to the technology where the bulbs move so that you can "see around corners" (as they once said on the first IS 250 commercials, and now on Hyundai ads). AFS isn't found on any of the headlamps used on "2010 facelift" (MY11) models - it has been suggested that the introduction of the daytime running lights caused a space problem which precluded the use of AFS. That's one "issue with the AFS" - it's not available on new IS models anymore. The other "issue" is that it is practically impossible to fit AFS onto Prestige models, as it requires upgraded electronics, not just upgraded headlamps and wiring harnesses. Upgrading to HID's with DRL's - with no AFS present - is more likely to work (subject to the complexities I previously described).

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