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Whatever you do don't buy Rola racks, I did and they are extremely noisy, I have been recommended pro rack which have a crossbar they call whispabar, which is supposed to be much quieter, there is also a demonstration and pic of is250 on their website. I am considering changing to the prorack bar myself for some peace and quiet.

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Hi, I bought the Rola ones initially. Yes they were noisy. I now have the Lexus ones purchased from Waitara Toyota (I think). Still noisy though when sunroof open! But fit so much better.

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I have original Lexus roof racks and bike carriers on my ISF, these I belive are badged THULE.

I have found them to be very good.

As the IS model does not have inbuilt roof system they are a little fiddly to fit but that is not the racks fault.

You can see it here carrying the toys.


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How much did you guys pay for roof racks? Are they easy to install?

Is this a reasonable price? http://www.orsracksd...-roof-rack.html

Really only getting this for the odd item from Ikea (large, but light items <30kgs) and it will only be on the car when I need it (assuming its easy to install and remove as needed) so noise doesn't concern me. Any other cheaper alternatives that won't damage the roof of my car would be good as well.

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Hi Avante, I paid from memory about $300 odd (maybe more) for some Lexus Racks. If you are after a cheaper option I have a set of Rola Roof Racks that I am selling as I only have one IS250 now. You can PM me and I can discuss them with you.

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