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my is350 had all dunlop tyres on it. but the 1 front tyre ( driver side )had a hump on the side wall.

2 rear tyre still has a very good tread on it. ( all 4 tyres done about 10,000 kms ).

I am thinking to change 2x front tyres with michelin PSS.

is it okay if I just leave the rear tyres with the current dunlop ? because they still have a very good tread, its a waste of money if i have to swap all 4 :(

what you guys reckon ?

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Mixing tyres front and rear doesn't matter.

Just don't mix them by putting 2 different types on the same end (front or rear) - make sure they match.

I thought IS350s came with Bridgestones?

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Yes, it was came with Bridgestone RE something. But I changed all 4 tyres with Dunlop GTmaxxx ( handling and grip improved a lot ).

and now, im looking for Michelin PSS ( better tyres than the dunlop one ).

I was quoted $1350USD from tyre rack ( very good price ). but 8 months ago when I bought the dunlop, the guy quote me $1150USD.

about 200usd price increase.

so Im going to buy 2x front tyres. not willing to waste money on rear, since they still pretty good.

FYI: I drive really hard. LOL

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