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Whats Different Btw Is350 F Sport And Sports Luxury

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Hi, im interesting to get a IS350 but, im think which one should i get the F Sport or Sports Luxury , whats the different btw those two can anyone tell me plz?

please give me some suggestion to choose one of them

thanks alot

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About $8000 and the following:

- Radar cruise control

- Pre-collision safety

- 18" SL alloys

- Wood trim interior

- Front/Rear parking sensors

- Smart-key card

- Illuminating sill panels

- and minus all of the F-Sport parts.

Are you an enthusiastic driver or do you prefer to cruise in comfort?

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It gives you 3% more wank factor. That alone is worth it? lol

But honestly I would like it if I could afford it. The standard fob doesn't go well with my jeans. Looks like a got a disease on my leg.

Other than the reason in my mad rant, its pretty pointless cause the standard rectangle does the same job.

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i've had a good search and all have said only dealers can program the cards........ i'll give my lexus dealer a call and see what they say....

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i think the lexus smart key card from sewell can't working with autralian models, because different frenquency. i just called an automotive locksmith and he said US key card not capable with australian model... i also got one from lexus north miami and i'm trying to send it back for refund now...

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