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Just a little observation topic.

Did you know. . . . . cruise control does not work in 3rd gear or above!!

Cruising down the freeway on cruise control, came to a hill and wanted to hold a gear for the cruise control. and instead of flicking to sport shift and changing from 4th to 5th. I accidentally went from 4th to 3rd. (Speed was not an issue for third gear / revs) And the cruise control cut out. very wierd feeling hahaha.

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Works for me in any gear... was driving on the freeway at 100 in 6th. Tapped the downshift and it went to 5th with no cutout. Maybe a pre-09 "feature".

Did u try third gear tho??

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07 SL. Cruise control does not work in third or lower gears, i.e. you can't turn cruise on in these gears, and if its already on, if you drop down into these gears it will cut out.

Pretty sure our Toyota does the same.

Presumably a safety feature as you would be travelling slower with more traffic around you.

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