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Tried the search didn't find a answer

Looking at changing my 2010 exhaust so the

Q: what system have you gone for and why

Q: So many systems on ebay usa eg tanabe, greddy, Race Design etc delivered to Oz $500 to $1500

Q: Will resonator delete about $35 give a nice tone without spoiling the car.

IS250 Prestige is just that, its not quick or noisey when I want that I will get the vette out, would just like to be able to hear it, its a V6 so should have some tone.

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hi mate,

Ive had the 5zigen with my invidia mids and ive had a reddy se with my mid pipes,

The greddy + invidia midpipes is the best subtle / sporty not with no drone. i loved it and wish i never got rid of it. Have a look on you tube. plenty there too!!

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Thanks mate.

Some one posted but I can't find it Tanabe shipped from racespeed to brisbane, none of his figures matches their web site, nor do they list shipping out of usa, would have to call them direct US$545.95 & US$250 shipping thats good pricing.

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Resonator "delete" is not as nice as it sounds.

My last BMW had this.

It sounded TERRIBLE.

people said it sounded worse than a diesel tractor.

I have a sound clip. happy to upload for anyone considering a resonator delete

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joe thats a bmw

not a lexus

resonator delete will do the same job as mid pipes

but it's not worth hacking your mid pipes up

just for abit more sound

later on down the track it will hurt your resale value

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lol bro I think we both know enough to know "its a lexus not a bmw" means nothing when we're talking about hacking a resonator/cat out of a steel pipe and weld jobbing in straight pipe replacement.

as per your comment, it isn't worth it, and it does not sound good at all afterwards.

whether its lexus bmw toyota mitsubishi watever.

best to just buy a midpipe which is like $400 shipped for the invidias right?

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the main difference is

BMW is straight 6 Lexus runs V6

the sound difference is very distinct

straight 6's tend to sound very crappy when they have a resonator delete

where the lexus V6 is sealed quiet from factory and becomes more audable after the delete

i disagree with the the sounds with you

but im not a fan of cutting oem parts

and yes the best way your right joe

buy mid pipes enjoy it

when you sell your car put ur oems back on

and sell your mid pipes

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Nice info ilv, didn't know there was a difference

yea lol when I got my fujitsubo exhaust installed in the is250,

the mechanic offered to cut the stock one in half to fit in the car lol. I said no.

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yeap definately

cutting your stock stuff reduces value of your car unless u have another part to replace it with

then again if any1 wants to try it i have a set of oem mid pipes for sale as well

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I will soon be getting another gressy to go with my intake and invidia midpipes.

I had this before and really miss it. only this time i will be adding a crossover in the midpipes. smoother and better sound with improved power. (claimed)

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Ok so thread is now a bit old, ended up getting invida mid pipes from here, fitted them up the day you guys were having the dyno day, reduced weight but very little sound but a improvement.

Will probaly add cat backs later if I can find reasonable priced set, have been looking at M2's and speeddaddy.

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The invida mid pipe the SS is a bit thin my only gripe, $100 to fit, I would imagine not much more to fit up cat back if done together.

The reasons I had mine fitted for me was so I didn't waste the dough on the O2 sensor socket for a once off use, catbacks I will do myself

as all just bolt up

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just brought M2 axle back exhaust A$253 + $165 shipping out of USA, copy of tanabe reviews same sound simple bolt up,

will come back when its fitted with my review

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