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Hey guys just wondering if anyone could help me out here. Sometimes when I turn on my car and look at the dash I see it says check VSC after I start the car... Has anyone had or heard of this happening before?

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mine had this comming on and off.All I did was take the throttle body off and clean it.that might help you or maybe I had crap fuel and just need to run good stuff through it

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As has been posted, Check VSC indicates a fault has been logged and stored to memory.

My IS250 actually logged a couple of faults late last year - as I'm a 3 hour return trip to my Lexus dealer and the local Toyota dealer didn't want to help pulling codes, I decided to spend $20 and buy myself an ODB II Bluetooth scanner on eBay to check the fault codes myself.

I bought one of these http://www.ebay.com....#ht_1972wt_1163 for $20 which plugs into the ODB port above the pedals and with some free software (Torque) on my Android phone easily retrieved the DTC codes (P0051 and P0158) to worked out that one of my O2 sensors was failing. It also easily allowed me to reset the Check VSC light and clear the code and deal with the fault on my next service with some peace of mind.

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