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Need Some Help - 20" Rims Melbourne

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Hi, in Melbourne looking to purchase new Lexus either 350X or 350 F sport but want to put some 20" or 22" rims on it and some coil overs to lower it. Wondering if some of the members here can help with the following;

1. Can anyone recommend a good tyre and suspension place in Melbourne?

2. Do you know if the dealer will sell me the car without the wheels?

3. Does anyone want to purchase 4 brand new 18" Rims with tyres? If so shoot me a pm and how much you want to pay, you will need to pick the rims and tyres up from the dealer based in Melbourne so no postage.

Thanks for all your help.

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so starters i can tell you this

20" is a good size for the car but putting them on with coilovers you will have major scrubbing issues unless u run rubber band tyres

any more than 20" is not recomended

dealer will not sell you the car without wheels

and yes i will be intrested in your wheels if they are F sport

Pm sent

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ilv1004s, thanks so much for your reply and pm. I drove a 2010 this afternoon with 20's and was not overly impressed, doesn't handle as well and while it looked great I will stay with the originals and just lower it.

Thanks again, shame it looked so good but not at the expense of how it drives.

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I'd go 19" at max tbh, it's good size and you can go a bit more on the width and offset to get a more aggressive look. Even 18's look great, and you can lower your car more if you're into that stanced slammed scene. For example - 18 x 9 fronts 18 x 10 rears.

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here are some pics

my old is250 on BC coilovers and 20" work meisters



and heres my brothers car with 19" wheels


Lowered on Tanabe springs

**ride quality really depends on wat coilovers u get

i didnt find the 20" harsh or anything

my brothers car on tanabe springs is abit softer than the F sport / Sports suspension set up

i recomend 19" if your gonna go bigger wheels

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Wow thanks to all of you for your reply's. At this stage will definitely lower it just trying to decide to either stick with the originals or go 19". Have a little time to decide so no hurry. Thanks again for all the input it is greatly appreciated.

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