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Quietest Tyres For Rx350?

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HI all

it's getting towards the time when I need to change at least 2, if not all 4 of my tyres.

I've currently got 4 Yokohama Parada Spec X on there. Directional. They were pretty good, though I don't want to have directional tyres again as it makes rotation a bit difficult.

ANyway, apparently the original tyres on the 2007 RX 350 were Bridgestone Potenzas which are supposed to be quiet due to their close-block tread pattern.

Can anyone vouch for this as I didn't have the car from new?

ALternatively, please suggest another tyre which could be quiet on highways.

p.s. these are 235/55/18

Although I'm also thinking of changing the wheels to 20inch...but that will be the subject of another thread :)

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I had to update from the original gear late last year, since we do about 10K each year I wanted something that was going to be safe and quiet, and not the hefty cost of the Bridgestones. Ended up getting Maxxis HT-750 Bravo's for about $260 per corner, and there is no noticeable difference in performance from the Bridgestones. Only comment is they are squeaky in car parks with the polished concrete finish.

anyway, just adding a cheaper option to the list

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