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2006 To 2012 F-Sport Bumper Conversion?

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You'll also need headlamp washer covers and the actual headlamp washer itself, then that means the wiring as well. You can just put a headlamp washer cover itself to make it look like an f sport.

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wait til you see the price for the fog lights alone lol. that bits a pain, as you cant leave the gap there but justifying the price of the fogs is a bit hard. on the + side the fog light surroundding covers are $86. just a shame you cant get generics or aftermarket fog lights for the new shape on ebay etc

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i did the front conversion on my convertible

using some used parts

i used

New bar

New grille (F sport PCS)

New lower Grille

New washer covers

New Tow hook cover

New plate cover

New F Sport Lower lip spoiler

Used water jet lines

Used Water squirters

Used Foglights and associated parts

used lower radiator panel

used lower airdams

total cost around 3.5K excluding painting

from this


to this



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