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Ls1 - Lexus Is200

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My 2000 Model IS200

After owning my car for 2 years, it was now time to do an engine conversion!...I have always loved the sound of V8! :) ..originally i was going to drop a 1UZ-FE / R154 box, until i done some more research on the LS1 5.7L V8 which instantly changed my mind. Easy HP,plenty of mods etc. also being a well known engine.

post-6798-0-57041200-1364773380_thumb.jp post-6798-0-63315200-1364774111_thumb.jp post-6798-0-36341500-1364774146_thumb.jp

Engine was out in no time..

After 3-4 months of hunting for an LS1 I finally got hold of 2005 Holden VZ ss ute.

post-6798-0-70332500-1364774932_thumb.jp post-6798-0-97933700-1364774956_thumb.jp post-6798-0-25270600-1364774987_thumb.jp

Just what i wanted LS1 with T56 6 speed gearbox...only 120,000km , with a mild cam . :lol:

Then after the help of my old man and good family friend..we took some measurements, placed the engine in,and realized the sump needed some modifications to fit over the crossmember.

post-6798-0-08848500-1364873219_thumb.jp post-6798-0-59825700-1364775594_thumb.jp post-6798-0-54835900-1364775737_thumb.jp

made some solid engine mounts out of 6mm steel..bolted straight to the block..then onto the standard rubber Holden SS mounts.

post-6798-0-84819200-1364775803_thumb.jp post-6798-0-72516000-1364873016_thumb.jp post-6798-0-48018200-1364873032_thumb.jp post-6798-0-44131400-1364776093_thumb.jp

Engine lined up perfect...gear stick everything!! :) It was now time for the fabricator to make custom extractors/exhaust system, gearbox mount, custom tail shaft. I also ended up buying an IS300 wreck to use the 4.11 Diff an axles which bolted straight in. Not to mention the full black leather interior!

I also upgraded a few parts ...Aeroflow polished fuel rails,GSS342 Walbro fuel pump (in-tank) , Genuine Sard Fuel regulator, braided lines new Hi-flow fittings, 50mm Alloy radiator, samco silicone pipes and Bosh spark plug leads.

Was starting to come together quite nice!

post-6798-0-19919400-1364777408_thumb.jp post-6798-0-89338400-1364777426_thumb.jp post-6798-0-69522000-1364872074_thumb.jp

4 into 1 Extractors

post-6798-0-41158500-1364777446_thumb.jp post-6798-0-00093600-1364777465_thumb.jp

Full 3'' Exhaust ,High-flow cat -- 1 Muffler

post-6798-0-24903500-1364777487_thumb.jp post-6798-0-44046200-1364777695_thumb.jp

Ended up going 2 piece tail shaft..worked out better for clearance.

Was back from the Fab..Final touches before the Auto electrician gets to work.

post-6798-0-05075600-1364777890_thumb.jp post-6798-0-45949900-1364777924_thumb.jp post-6798-0-55319400-1364777976_thumb.jp

post-6798-0-84731700-1364777508_thumb.jp post-6798-0-99676500-1364778312_thumb.jp

Radiator/ Twin Thermo fans all done.

Engine bay was starting to look half decent, All wired up :)


post-6798-0-71540600-1364778675_thumb.jp post-6798-0-51062700-1364778698_thumb.jp post-6798-0-86648300-1364778721_thumb.jp post-6798-0-99740200-1366600239_thumb.jp

Custom Air intake finished.

Here is a video of it idle -


I'm now looking into the handling side of things..just bought some HKS GT Max IV Coilovers straight from Japan..looking at the Hotchkis front an rear Sway Bars next.

post-6798-0-41029100-1364779971_thumb.jp post-6798-0-79479000-1364780204_thumb.jp post-6798-0-64385000-1364780180_thumb.jp post-6798-0-75149800-1364785653_thumb.jp

post-6798-0-39397300-1372149397_thumb.jp New Wheels post-6798-0-25357100-1369350369_thumb.jp Solid Diff Mounts ready to install :)

post-6798-0-39450800-1389265409_thumb.jp post-6798-0-71404000-1389265561_thumb.jp post-6798-0-13080400-1389266208_thumb.jp

post-6798-0-84848600-1389265655_thumb.jp post-6798-0-39013100-1389265711_thumb.jp post-6798-0-29673800-1389265817_thumb.jp

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wow thats awsome!!!

great stuff dude

if your after wheels

i got a set of rpf1 in 19"

Thanks Bud

Not too keen on those wheels man..but thanks anyway. :) leaning towards BBS meshies or Work XD9

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oh I was looking to replace my shocks because they've done 150k, how many k's have they done and would you ship them?

Mine have done about the same, Had no problems with them...I would ship them if your still keen.

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ahh nice one! must be a quick car, chassis should be able to help you put the power down too. Too bad we can't register something like that in NSW, double and a half original capacity :(

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ahh nice one! must be a quick car, chassis should be able to help you put the power down too. Too bad we can't register something like that in NSW, double and a half original capacity :(

Yeh its an animal of a car man haha..Interesting didn't know about NSW laws.. :unsure:

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Here is the full specifications so far if anyone is interested.

- Cammed 2005 LS1 5.7L V8
- T-56 6 Speed Gearbox
- HKS GT Hypermax IV Coilovers
- Walbro 550HP Fuel Pump (GSS342)
- Aeroflow Fuel Rail kit
- Custom Tailshaft
- IS300 Diff and Axels (3.9 Ratio)
- Custom 3'' Exhaust (1 Muffler High Flow Cat)
- Custom 4 into 1 Extractors
- Custom Engine and Gearbox Mounts
- Modified Sump to clear cross member
- Aluminum Radiator (Double Core)
- 2x 14'' Thermo Fans
- Full Leather IS300 Seats and Interior
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Engine/T56 loom, ECU - $4000

Fab work - $4800

- Custom master slave cylinder mount

- Custom aluminum accelerator bracket

- Gearbox mount

- Custom Extractors / 3'' Exhaust

- Custom Tailshaft

- Modified sump


Fuel Reg & fittings- $380

Fuel pump & rails - $450

HKS Coilovers - $2250

Radiator & Hoses - $350

Thermo fans - $200

Leather Seats ,IS300 Diff & Axels- - $900

Auto Electrician -

So just over 15k total...Got a few more mods to go, will keep it posted :lol:

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Hey folks, I'm considering going down this path with my '03 IS 200 and was wondering if anyone knows what the regulations are for the ACT?

Would it be easy / difficult to make it road legal etc?

Cheers very muchly.

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