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Hi! I'm In The Market For An Isf, Any Tips On What To Look For


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Hi guys,

I've been a member for years but since I sold my is200 caliente back in 2007 I've lost track of all things Lexus. I'm back in the market for a new car now and would like to purchase an ISF.

I was hoping for some tips on what to look for when considering used ISF's and if there's any particular things or model updates etc I should be wary of.

I'd be using the car as a daily and as I track my lotus exige a reasonable amount I wouldn't mind throwing the ISF around a track from time to time also. I'd hope to do the usual mods once I get the car like intake/exhaust/tune/wheels/suspension/front lip/rear diffuser.

If anyone has any advice or knows any cars that may be for sale soon please let me know, it would be much appreciated.



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great car mate

check the service history first i prefer it done by lexus and done on time but its depends though. i think 2010 onwards models speedo cluster is similar to the LFA. and you get the digital speedo meter.

I have a 2009 model doesn't have a digital speedo meter.

one thing i wish they have added earlier isf is the "sports mode" button on the steering wheel help a lot when you need it quick in traffic overtaking unless run it all the time :)

good luck finding a good car saw some good cars in carsales


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Not sure of your timing but mine might be on the market Oct - Nov.

2010 80,000km mostly freeway driving and well looked after. An idea of how it was been driven, still on same rotors front and rear. Always serviced by Lexus Melbourne as per the book, stock except ADVAN rims.

Anyhow, if you are still in the market then, feel free to PM me.

Only reason it will be on the market is time for change as second lease will be up and have to decide if to keep for GF and get another car for me or just move on with another car.

Car is in Vic.

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I picked mine up a few weeks ago, and I'd been looking since April. What I found is that generally prices are pretty negotiable with both private sellers & dealers, and that the privately owned cars were usually in better condition than the dealer cars unless they were ex demos.

These cars tend to hang around for a while as I'm guessing the market for a used $50K+ 8 cylinder sedan is pretty small and a lot of people simply aren't aware of them, which is a shame because they are great cars.

I had a personal preference for an MY10 onwards which had the mechanical LSD.

I noticed that even low km cars had picked up stone chips on the front bar and they weren't necessarily highway cars (according to their owners at least). Has anyone found this?

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I think stone chips are part of Lexus paint. Mine has a few and I drive it no different to other cars but the Lexus seems to pick them up more. As mentioned above most of the time the car spends its time cruising the monash or tulla.

Have read a few threads about the hardness mor softness of the Lexus paint.

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