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  1. Airbag Recall

    I'm booked in to have the recall done next week at Chatswood, they did offer a loan car but I didn't need one. Generally I've found you'll need to wait a bit for a booking if you need a loan car. Mine is still under factory warranty.
  2. ISF - AUS custom dyno tuned - DONE!

    ^ Great video, especially the undercar part. Looks like you had the place to yourself. I'll be doing this tune in the next few months, it's something I've been after for a while.
  3. Boot Operation Faulty?

    Well thanks for the replies, good to know it's the norm.
  4. Boot Operation Faulty?

    Hey All, I suspect my boot isn't operating correctly. Not being the original owner of my F or a previous owner of an IS I've no idea if its working correctly. Closing the boot needs very little effort just a touch of downward force and it closes - all good. Opening on the other hand requires about twice as much force until it's nearly open then it gets fairly easy once about 80% open, like a similar force when closing. Most modern boots are pretty easy to open and require minimal effort, this doesn't feel right and it's an awkward movement. Feels like a damper/gas strut (if they have them) has failed. Any ideas? is this the norm? cheers
  5. New Front Pads & Rotors

    ^ I've used slotted RDA rotors on my 180SX for track duties and have no complaints, combined with a set of Project Mu Club Racer pads the performance and longevity have been good. If you can get equivalent or better performance to OEM out of your set up that sounds like pretty good value. For the IS-F I found a set of new OEM front rotors for $350.00 and will be using Project Mu NS 400 pads which were $270.00
  6. Getting Windows Re-Tinted

    If you're after someone to come to you, I've used "Tint on the Move" a few times, most recently on my IS-F. Was $300 for darkest legal tint, lifetime warranty.
  7. Bta Motorsport - Tuned Is F

    From what I've read on the mostly US forums, is that with headers and exhaust you're looking at close to 400hp at the wheels without a tune anyway so I'd be a bit sceptical regarding the "custom tune" bit, the stock ECU can manage this sort of mod on its own.
  8. Which Tyres?

    Just curious if anyone has tried the Continental Contisport Contact 5s as I've seen a few good reviews on these, pricing seems to be close that of the Michelins but reviews have the Continentals slightly ahead of the Michelins in terms of dry and wet grip. Unfortunately the reviews I've seen were for mostly FWD hatches so may not be relevant.
  9. Insurance Costs For Isf.

    The best price I was quoted was from Coles which I think was around the $1200 mark, but after reading all the horror stories on line from people who have had to claim I gave it a miss.
  10. Which Tyres?

    ^Thanks, that's more like it.
  11. Which Tyres?

    I'm up for new front tyres and was thinking of going the Michelins as well, on the sites I can get pricing it would seem the 245/35/19 option $442 each) is cheaper than the OEM size for these ($483 each), these prices are fitted & balanced. Are these prices reasonable or is the best option to call up a retailer on the day?
  12. I've spotted a few over the years from various manufacturers, no Fs though. Press cars (some at least) make it into the dealer network and get sold off as either used or demonstrators. Occasionally they don't change the rego plates on them so if you go through the various reviews you can sometimes pick them up that way, unsurprisingly it would appear that dealers aren't keen to disclose the history of these cars. I was looking for a VW Polo GTi a few years back and found an ex press fleet car at a dealer. A friend of mine bought a limited edition XR8 many years ago only to find out later it was a press hack. He doesn't seem too concerned as he has had no problems and has owned it for over ten years. I'm guessing due to their rarity there's press Fs out there somewhere.... :)
  13. New Front Pads & Rotors

    I'm considering the Dixcel option as well. My front rotors and pads will be due in about 4 months time. I was looking at this site:
  14. I picked mine up a few weeks ago, and I'd been looking since April. What I found is that generally prices are pretty negotiable with both private sellers & dealers, and that the privately owned cars were usually in better condition than the dealer cars unless they were ex demos. These cars tend to hang around for a while as I'm guessing the market for a used $50K+ 8 cylinder sedan is pretty small and a lot of people simply aren't aware of them, which is a shame because they are great cars. I had a personal preference for an MY10 onwards which had the mechanical LSD. I noticed that even low km cars had picked up stone chips on the front bar and they weren't necessarily highway cars (according to their owners at least). Has anyone found this?
  15. Average Petrol Per 100 Klms

    I've not yet had a chance to do a freeway run but three full tanks worth in Sydney peak hour traffic with a light foot is yielding around 14litres per 100kms. Avg Speed according to the trip computer of 32km/h.