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Hi guys,

Being very long time .... and most of you don't know me. Anyways I scored a set of Rays 19" and i need 5mm only to clear the FRONT brakes.

I know spacers are never safe to use blah blah blah..but i'd like to use the Rays for a little while.

The 5mm is not hub-centric and it is thin enough to sit on your existing hub with a little left for the wheels to sit on. I was told this is ok to use and extended studs not needed.

Should i get the 5mm or get the 10mm bolt-on type? Also what and where to get them fitted?


- Justin

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Dan, they are 19 x 9, offset +47, 19 x 10, offset +30.

I guess the stock is +45 so i need 2mm to clear the fronts. I'm not sure if i need the rear fender to be rolled.

Tyres i think will be 235/35 and 275/30.

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have you tried fitting these on yet?

i dont think you will have much problem with the fronts

the rear you will need fender rolling

and if u wanna run 275 u need some big camber too

run 225 and 255 factory ISF tyre spec

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I have not tried putting them on but people who have the same wheels all say i needed the spacers.

As for guard rolling, Sydney Guard Rolling is ok?

Are u sure 225/255 will fit 9/10 inches?

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Sydney gaurd rolling is great. As for tures rims and fitment all sounds out of place.

Try them on if you have them before spending more money.

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SGR they quoted 70 per corner. There area few guys on CL who has the same wheels. 275 vs 265 will camber be too much of a prob given i'm only lowered 1".

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