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Lexus ISF watch


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Bored and stumbled upon this Ebay - http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/New-ITEM-2008-Lexus-ISF-Limited-Edition-Steering-Wheel-Accessories-Sport-Watch-/262424631153?hash=item3d19ba1771:g:lJoAAOSwwbdWNCXK

Guaranteed atleast 10kw at the wheels lol.

Ps Cant vouch for the quality and if its upto the Toyota/Lexus quality weve come to know but it looks cool :-)

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It's gone. I bet I'll regret not buying an ISF watch one day. There was a limited edition MR2 watch made by Citizen 20 years ago, which I've been keeping an eye out for ever since, huge regret not buying when I had the chance (for my MR2 turbo).

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I looked at this watch for about a year at Lexus, and thought if I don’t get it, there will be none left.  so I purchased this ISF watch from Lexus back in 2011, it’s a good watch.    It cost much more than the eBay one.

I agree with BLK ISF, when I wear it, there is at least 10kw more at the wheels….




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Noticed first link i put up expired.  Heres a few more designs on Ebay.  At approx $16 AU each i wouldnt expect much but some did say Citzen movement. 

Ltuned, that watch actually looks good, for sure better quality

Ps Im sure the Ebay ones would add a few kw's if worn haha

lexus watches.jpg

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